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Why We Keep It Internal: How Office1's Internal Support Aids your Business Better

calendar icon May 21, 2019 | by Steve Ellis

When it comes to IT, hiring a team of professionals that strictly uses internal support brings many benefits to the table. While having a foreign IT support system may have an upside, nothing beats local support that will actually provide a sense of security with an extra layer of protection while maintaining the relationship, demands, and needs of your business on a day to day basis. However, our philosophy at Office1 is, and always will be, that we strive to digitally transform and optimize any business we partner with to provide them with a competitive advantage through office technology modernization. This is only made possible through the internal support team we’ve built and fostered. At Office1, we make a constant commitment to pour into our experts with the latest industry trends and ongoing knowledge so that they can pour into our clients and mold their entire office workflow into one that is efficient, productive, and gives them the best return on their investment.

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When you need extra people on your team, outsourcing one that keeps their support in-house is the superior choice in the long run since it ensures you get the support and relationship your business needs. It means you get to reap many great benefits that cannot be denied and easily replaced.

Uniquely Tailored Support

So what exactly does outsourcing a team with internal support bring to the table? For starters, there is dedication. This type of support means that it’s dedicated and tailor-made to your business. Instead of external, foreign support which provides blanket solutions and a “one-size-fits-all” approach to your IT needs, a team with internal support does the exact opposite. Because of its nature, every problem is treated with the utmost importance, precision, and resolution. There is no lag and the support staff knows exactly what to do because of their innate knowledge and relationship to your company. This quick resolve and fast action for your business is a great asset that will bring many benefits as time progresses by decreasing downtime, reducing stress, and allowing your business to run its operations smoothly. While it may be true that this can lead to an echo-chamber/bubble that staff gets used to operating in, having expert support that has varied experience and objective viewpoint helps with creating a proactive defense for your business you wouldn’t otherwise have. Office1 seeks to promote this model with the many services it provides. We lead with example by structuring our teams in much the same way, having experts in the field that give their assistance all throughout.

A Proactive Safeguard

Another great benefit of partnering with a team that contains internal support is the proactive safeguard it provides for all of your business hardware and software.

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Computer systems, cloud storages, computers, printers, and much more can become a chore when relying on overseas support due to maintenance and repairs that occur during operation. This is another great reason as to why Office1 keeps it internal, to prevent these breakdowns from occurring. Having a residency of people dedicated to the job brings fast responses that reduce downtime and increase the quality of work done by making sure there is never a reactive slump. Reactive slumps occur because having overseas support means they cannot inherently build a proactive defense, they have to rely on ticketing and other means to get to your issues instead of being there for you all the time. Instead, we provide the necessary steps to ensure proper functionality and streamlining workflows to aid your business because it allows you and your employees to efficiently conduct your work with minimal breakdowns or distractions. It’s a great peace of mind to know that our internal support increases your business capabilities, and this is the way Office1 seeks to aid its clients- by following what already works so well.

Expertise and Know-How

Artboard 1 copy 2 (1)We have true IT experts in-house that are local to the main clients we serve daily. They have the ability and relationship to pass off their knowledge to you and your employees in order to teach them proper security protocols, recognize hardware or software issues, recognize scams and viruses, and understand basic fixes you can eliminate potentially hundreds of issues each month. Not only defense and aid, having the expertise and know-how of an outsourced team with internal support means research and development towards businesses, innovation to promote higher synergy, and compatibility with the fast-changing technological landscape. At Office1, we foster this belief every day in the way we hire, train, and treat our clients.

These are the primary reasons why we decide to always keep our support team internal. By having and providing internal support, Office1 gives businesses the best service possible while also recognizing that each individual is its own entity. Instead of a generalized approach, Office1 takes the opposite direction and provides internal support that greatly aids any business it works with. Instead of giving a reactionary service model, we take into account that every single business is different and that compromising for “quick” fixes and generalized support only brings more frustration and downtime for your business. Office1 supports local businesses and offices and aims to continue to give top-notch services for the years to come. Keeping a smaller, yet scalable, and internal support network allows us to extend our reach and help many businesses while also keeping support strong and helpful.

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The Outsourcing Fallacy

Companies outsource to overseas support to cut costs and save money. While this can be seen as a reasonable solution to a complex problem such as budgeting, it is often a fallacious model to follow. Xerox recently signed a 7-year contract to utilize external support. This cuts many of their costs but also outsources much of their support jobs and infrastructure as a result. This outsourcing is a common theme that many companies take in order to save money, but in the long run, this only makes things more difficult for your business and for your employees. The lack of knowledge of the business, the lack of care, and the long wait times make this solution a quick fix on saving costs but will eventually lead to more breakdowns, downtime, and a general feeling of dissatisfaction, distrust, and anger. These short term benefits do not last long and ultimately companies will begin to feel the repercussions as soon as thing start to go awry. This is why Office1 takes the right approach above anything else. It fits the way we operate and aim to provide service. No cutting corners and no compromises. Just providing support the way it was meant to be personal and quality which is the superior model and one that is self-sustaining in and of itself.


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