Managed IT Services

Ensure uptime and business continuity
with US-based IT support.


Discover the Unparalleled Advantage of a Dedicated IT Partner

Managed Services = Peace of Mind

Navigating the labyrinth of modern technology landscapes can be daunting. Without the necessary expertise and insights, the rapid evolution and the intertwined complexities they present can be overwhelming.

With a dedicated IT partner by your side, you can quickly sidestep potential downtime, optimize efficiency, and harness cutting-edge solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Let technology propel your business forward while ensuring agility, resilience, and security.


Optimize Operations & Accelerate Growth

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Maximize Operational Efficiency

Dive into the nuts and bolts of your operation, identify what’s slowing things down, and fix it. Eliminate inefficiencies, leverage automation, and accelerate innovation on a robust foundation. 

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Boost Your Bottom Line

The right technology customized to your unique needs can boost your bottom line. By tightening up and reducing complexities, every decision can positively impact profitability.

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Shift Strategies From Reactive to Proactive

Shift from reactive to proactive strategies and planning by leveraging technology and expertise to anticipate future needs and challenges, pivoting from a position of constantly putting out fires to…

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Round-the-Clock Support with Remote Monitoring

The world doesn’t stop, and neither should you. With 24/7 US-based support and cutting-edge technology, we will be there for you long after your digital transformation journey. 

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Superior Software & Hardware Management

Cutting-edge hardware and enterprise software are only as good as how it’s managed, supported, and maintained. 

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Cut Through the Compliance Maze with Ease

In today’s intricate regulatory environment, businesses must remain compliant and mitigate risks. 

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Unlock Your Businesses Full Potential

When you partner with Office1, we become your vCIO who will unlock the full potential of innovation and surge ahead of the competition through seamless collaboration.

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Rapidly Respond Security Threats

Security events and other disruptions can strike anytime, but they don’t have to set you back. Office1 will promptly identify, assess, and address unforeseen issues whenever the unexpected occurs. 

Unlock the Key Benefits of Office1 Managed Services

We manage your IT while you focus on your business.

No two businesses are exactly alike. We closely examine your requirements, discuss present and future goals, and formulate a custom-tailored managed IT roadmap that perfectly fits your technological demands. We will provide ongoing technical support and maintenance to ensure your IT systems remain up-to-date and functioning optimally.

Step 1: Discover
Step 2: Analyze
Step 3: Plan
Step 4: Deliver
Step 5: Manage and Optimized Over Time

Step 1: Discover

We will explore the entire landscape of your IT infrastructure and operational needs, gaining valuable insights into existing systems and processes.


Step 2: Analyze

With comprehensive data in hand, our experts will conduct a meticulous analysis, identifying areas for improvement and untapped opportunities to enhance efficiency and productivity.


Step 3: Plan

Create a strategic roadmap that addresses your unique requirements, aligning business objectives with technology solutions to optimize performance and efficiency.


Step 4: Deliver

Implementing the meticulously crafted plan, we deploy cutting-edge solutions and technologies, ensuring a seamless integration that optimizes your IT infrastructure while minimizing disruptions.


Step 5: Manage and Optimized Over Time

Our dedicated team will continue to monitor and manage your IT ecosystem, proactively addressing potential issues and evolving needs to maintain peak performance and keep your company ahead of the curve while ensuring a secure and thriving technology environment.


Office1’s technical support and leadership team have always quickly and diligently responded to our tech concerns, malfunctions, and requests. They have assisted us in a variety of ways from everyday problem troubleshooting, in-person office tech set up, keeping us safe from malware, phishing attempts, and viruses, and even advocating on our behalf with tech vendors.


We are extremely grateful for the hard work, dedication, and attention we have received from the Office1 team and are happy to recommend them to any organization. They will truly give you peace of mind when it comes to your technology and that allows for your day-to-day operations to ultimately run better.

— Marisa Qu iroz, President & CEO of the International Community Foundation

Our Services

Developed to allow mid-market businesses access to a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technologies and technical expertise previously only available to corporate giants, we will help you create a tailored IT roadmap that fits your business needs perfectly.
Monitoring & Management
Advanced Virtualization, Storage, & Disaster Recovery

Remote Server Monitoring and Management Services

Information Technology (IT) management is increasingly challenging in a hyper-connected world. Server Monitoring and Management services make ensuring uptime, and business continuity more straightforward.

24/7 US-Based Helpdesk Support

Whenever you need help, you can count on our around-the-clock US-based support. Office1’s dedicated help desk and security team is on call to provide real-time online and onsite IT on demand.

Updates and Patch Management

Our updates and patch management service offering includes patch assessments, automation of patch dependencies and sequencing, security patch deployments, real-time scan for missing configurations and patches, regular patch assessments, and more.

Software, Device Management & Control

Office1 will procure, administer, manage, and maintain enterprise software and devices. We help take some pressure off in-house IT teams by handling this often tedious and overwhelming task. End-users also benefit from uninterrupted IT operations.

Application Management

From enterprise applications to file, print, and copier services, our comprehensive application management services will free your staff to focus on immediate and future goals.

Alert Monitoring

In the current threat landscape, alert monitoring is a proactive method to mitigate risk and ensure business continuity. This approach helps MSPs quickly identify potential issues and anomalies in real time, enabling rapid response before they escalate into critical problems. Office1’s Alert monitoring services ensure that data remains secure with little to no downtime.


Antivirus services enable immediate access to the latest cutting-edge security technology to defend against malware, ransomware, and other rapidly evolving cyber threats. State-of-the-art detection algorithms and real-time updates help protect enterprise infrastructure while ensuring uptime and uninterrupted operations.

Active Dirctory Monitoring

Active Directory Monitoring services keep operations running smoothly. Tracking user access, permissions, and security events in real-time allows potential vulnerabilities and security risks to be identified and mitigated instantly.

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring is essential to ensure that a potential breach or a data leak doesn’t go undetected. By actively monitoring the dark web for traces of compromised data, dark web alerts allow businesses to respond and recover quickly.

Security Audits

Regular Security Audits provide a comprehensive assessment of digital defenses. By conducting an in-depth analysis of enterprise systems, networks, and processes to identify vulnerabilities and compliance gaps, our expert team will offer detailed insights and recommendations to fortify your IT infrastructure and security posture.

Testing and Training

Systematic Testing and Training services help MSPs uncover potential weaknesses and areas for improvement. Through simulated attacks and hands-on training, your staff will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to avert cyber threats effectively.


Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) services help fortify enterprise cybersecurity posture. Office1 provides real-time monitoring and rapid response to secure your network endpoints from advanced threats. We can quickly detect and mitigate security threats by leveraging state-of-the-art technology and threat intelligence.


Our virtualization services enable fast file and folder recovery, redundant automatic failover, regular offsite data syncs, and more.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Office1's Backup and Disaster Recovery services leverage best-in-class cloud storage protocols to quickly restore business-critical applications, data, and files in the event of an outage.  Endpoints include block-level backups, not the usual file-level backups.

Active Directory Services

Our active directory services enable device reboot and recovery, backup, restore, and time synchronization, a single point of access to network resources, and more.


We continuously monitor the ever-changing regulatory landscape, ensure operations align with industry standards, and offer real-time insights for proactive risk mitigation. From custom-tailored solutions to simplified audit processes, your organization’s governance and compliance are in experienced hands. 


Office1 helps businesses quickly achieve compliance certifications and attestations for CCPA, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, ISO, SOC 1, 2, and 3. We will help ensure compliance in ever evolving regulatory landscape. 


We help configure and secure customer environments following NIST, and other leading guardrails, best practices, and security checks. 


Through extensive auditing, reporting, and governance, we ensure transparency and summarize key AWS performance metrics. Office1 can also administer, maintain, and enforce audit controls as needed.


When Office1 becomes your vCIO, you will get immediate access to expert-level IT strategy and leadership without the cost of hiring a C-level executive. You will benefit from adaptable and scalable personalized, strategic guidance on technology decisions, cybersecurity practices, and IT budget planning from virtually anywhere. 

Quarterly reviews

Quarterly reviews are a vital component of effective IT management, providing a regular and structured opportunity for businesses to assess performance, recalibrate goals, and identify opportunities for improvement. 

MSP Certified

A Certified Managed Services Provider

Our MSP program follows established industry guidelines and much more. As a certified managed IT service provider, we will prioritize and implement the most appropriate IT solutions to ensure business continuity and compliance.

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In California and Nevada, we have technicians who are ready to help you solve your IT issues. Whether you prefer to work remotely or meet in person, our team can accommodate your preference.