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Discover the Unparalleled Advantage of a Dedicated IT Partner

Managed Services = Peace of Mind

Navigating the labyrinth of modern technology landscapes can be daunting. Without the necessary expertise and insights, the rapid evolution and the intertwined complexities they present can be overwhelming.

With a dedicated IT partner by your side, you can quickly sidestep potential downtime, optimize efficiency, and harness cutting-edge solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Let technology propel your business forward while ensuring agility, resilience, and security.


Optimize Operations & Accelerate Growth

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Maximize Operational Efficiency

Dive into the nuts and bolts of your operation, identify what’s slowing things down, and fix it. Eliminate inefficiencies, leverage automation, and accelerate innovation on a robust foundation. 

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Boost Your Bottom Line

The right technology customized to your unique needs can boost your bottom line. By tightening up and reducing complexities, every decision can positively impact profitability.

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Shift Strategies From Reactive to Proactive

Shift from reactive to proactive strategies and planning by leveraging technology and expertise to anticipate future needs and challenges, pivoting from a position of constantly putting out fires to…

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Round-the-Clock Support with Remote Monitoring

The world doesn’t stop, and neither should you. With 24/7 US-based support and cutting-edge technology, we will be there for you long after your digital transformation journey. 

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Superior Software & Hardware Management

Cutting-edge hardware and enterprise software are only as good as how it’s managed, supported, and maintained. 

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Cut Through the Compliance Maze with Ease

In today’s intricate regulatory environment, businesses must remain compliant and mitigate risks. 

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Unlock Your Businesses Full Potential

When you partner with Office1, we become your vCIO who will unlock the full potential of innovation and surge ahead of the competition through seamless collaboration.

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Rapidly Respond Security Threats

Security events and other disruptions can strike anytime, but they don’t have to set you back. Office1 will promptly identify, assess, and address unforeseen issues whenever the unexpected occurs. 

Unlock the Key Benefits of Office1 Managed Services

We manage your IT while you focus on your business.

No two businesses are exactly alike. We closely examine your requirements, discuss present and future goals, and formulate a custom-tailored managed IT roadmap that perfectly fits your technological demands. We will provide ongoing technical support and maintenance to ensure your IT systems remain up-to-date and functioning optimally.

Step 1: Discover
Step 2: Analyze
Step 3: Plan
Step 4: Deliver
Step 5: Manage & Optimize

Step 1: Discover

We will explore the entire landscape of your IT infrastructure and operational needs, gaining valuable insights into existing systems and processes.


Step 2: Analyze

With comprehensive data in hand, our experts will conduct a meticulous analysis, identifying areas for improvement and untapped opportunities to enhance efficiency and productivity.


Step 3: Plan

Create a strategic roadmap that addresses your unique requirements, aligning business objectives with technology solutions to optimize performance and efficiency.


Step 4: Deliver

Implementing the meticulously crafted plan, we deploy cutting-edge solutions and technologies, ensuring a seamless integration that optimizes your IT infrastructure while minimizing disruptions.


Step 5: Manage & Optimize

Our dedicated team will continue to monitor and manage your IT ecosystem, proactively addressing potential issues and evolving needs to maintain peak performance and keep your company ahead of the curve while ensuring a secure and thriving technology environment.


Office1’s technical support and leadership team have always quickly and diligently responded to our tech concerns, malfunctions, and requests. They have assisted us in a variety of ways from everyday problem troubleshooting, in-person office tech set up, keeping us safe from malware, phishing attempts, and viruses, and even advocating on our behalf with tech vendors.


We are extremely grateful for the hard work, dedication, and attention we have received from the Office1 team and are happy to recommend them to any organization. They will truly give you peace of mind when it comes to your technology and that allows for your day-to-day operations to ultimately run better.

— Marisa Qu iroz, President & CEO of the International Community Foundation

Our Services

Developed to allow mid-market businesses access to a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technologies and technical expertise previously only available to corporate giants, we will help you create a tailored IT roadmap that fits your business needs perfectly.
Network Infrastructure

Implement Firewalls, Web Filtering, Geo-Filtering, and Intrusion Detection

Office1 fortifies enterprise IT infrastructure, leveraging firewalls to block unauthorized traffic, web filtering to restrict access to malicious websites, and intrusion detection to identify and respond to security threats in real time. We can also limit access by location with geo-filtering.

Dark Web Monitoring for Compromised Accounts

We actively search the deep web for compromised credentials and alert businesses immediately. This swift and efficient approach allows organizations and individuals to act quickly and make the necessary changes to secure their accounts.

Monitor Email Tenants for Business Email Compromise, Users Granting Apps Access to Their Inbox, and Suspicious Inbox Rules

With our email security monitoring, you're always in control. We actively monitor email tenants for attempts to compromise business email accounts, unauthorized app access, and suspicious inbox rules. 

Connection From Suspicious Locations and Impossible Travel

Leverage advanced anomaly detection and enhance login security. Office1 will monitor login attempts from unusual locations exhibiting impossible travel patterns in real-time. This approach helps organizations proactively identify and mitigate potential security threats.

Email Spam and Malware Filtering

Email security begins with filtering out spam and malware from your inbox. Office1 will provide your employees with a clutter-free and secure email experience by automatically quarantining spam messages and filtering out malware attachments before they reach your inbox.

Next-Gen Antivirus (NGAV)

Antivirus software still plays a critical role in enterprise security. Next-gen antivirus uses behavior-based detection and machine learning to enable advanced protection against zero-day threats and other sophisticated attacks, even if it has never seen them before. 

End Point Detection and Response (EDR)

Empower your security team with a robust EDR solution. Through continuous monitoring of endpoints for anomalies, automated containment to isolate threats, and real-time insights and response capabilities, enterprises can minimize the impact of a potential security event.

Monitor for the Creation of New Services and New Users

Track users and service creation in real-time to quickly detect suspicious activity, including malware disguised as new services and unauthorized accounts. This approach helps contain insider threats and stop malware while maintaining complete network visibility.

Password Randomization

Office1's password randomization service helps secure businesses by generating complex, unique passwords for all your users. This approach eliminates the vulnerability of weak passwords that are known to allow threat actors into enterprise networks. 

OS Patching

Outdated software puts your business at risk. Office1's automated OS patching service keeps enterprise devices safe by keeping them updated with the latest bug fixes while in-house IT teams focus on innovation. 

Onsite and Offsite Backup

Office1's layered backup strategy ensures uptime and business continuity. Onsite backups enable rapid data recovery for everyday hiccups, while offsite storage protects data from natural disasters and security threats.

DNS Filtering for Suspect and Known Malicious Websites

Office1's DNS filtering services help block access to malicious websites harboring malware, ransomware, phishing scams, and inappropriate content. This proactive approach protects users from cyber threats while providing a safe and productive browsing experience.

Monitor Critical Services

Office1's real-time monitoring service proactively identifies performance anomalies and potential outages in critical applications and infrastructure. This approach helps IT teams address issues quickly, minimizing potential downtime while maintaining optimal productivity.

Monitor and Manage Antivirus Alerts

Continuously monitor and analyze antivirus alerts to distinguish real threats from false positives and act quickly to isolate, neutralize, and contain identified threats. Act on alerts as outlined in the Incident Response Plan.

Backup Monitoring and Testing

Leveraging automated tools to verify backup integrity and functionality continuously, Office1 can reduce the risk of silent failures, ensure data recovery, and minimize downtime when disaster strikes.

LOB Application Support

Office1's LOB experts handle everything from troubleshooting issues to ensuring compatibility with new technologies. This approach ensures that critical line-of-business applications are continuously optimized for peak performance.

Program Network Switches

Office1 configures and implements VLANs, QoS, and port security to optimize traffic flow, prioritize critical applications, and protect enterprise networks from unauthorized access.

Manage, Monitor, and Program Wireless Access Points

Office1 programs, monitors, and manages wireless access points to ensure accessibility and security. Our experts configure and secure guest networks, encrypt communications and provide optimal coverage and performance for guest and business traffic.

Plan, Implement and Manage Battery Backups

Power through disruptions with Office1's expert backup solutions. We ensure business continuity by planning, implementing, and managing reliable battery backups for critical systems. Take advantage of uninterrupted operation during power outages.

Implement and Manage Site-to-Site and User-to-Site VPN

Collaborate from anywhere securely while we implement and manage site-to-site and user-to-site VPNs. These encrypted connections facilitate seamless collaboration without compromising security.

Phishing Test

Basic phishing tests aren't enough to protect your business from AI-powered cyberattacks. Office1 offers advanced simulations that mimic real-world social engineering attacks to keep staff alert.

Cyber Security Training

As humans remain the weakest link, regular cybersecurity training is critical to mitigate the risk of a data breach. We help employees learn and stay alert to the latest threats and best practices, equipping them to recognize and defend against cyberattacks.

End-User Support

Streamline your IT operations with Office1's End-User Support. Whether it's a password reset, expert Microsoft Office support, seamless approved software installations, or remote hardware fixes, we've got you covered.

Employee Onboarding/Offboarding

Simplify the process of onboarding new hires and offboarding recent departures. Office1 helps minimize the burden on in-house IT teams by handling user provisioning, access control, and device setup for a smooth start and secure exit.

Compliance Management

Office1's Compliance Management service takes the headache out of navigating the complexities of evolving regulatory requirements. Focus on growing your business while we handle assessments, gap analysis, and ongoing monitoring.

Incident Response Planning

Office1's Incident Response Planning service helps businesses develop a robust strategy to quickly contain and recover from a cyberattack. This approach minimizes the risk of potential downtime, regulatory fines, and reputational damage.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Conducting a business review at the end of each quarter keeps us on the same page about your IT requirements. Our consultants will review progress, identify evolving threats, and tailor our services to optimize productivity while fortifying enterprise infrastructure.

Technology Roadmap and Implementation Planning

We will work closely with you to develop a strategic technology roadmap, outlining both business and IT goals and the roadmap to get you there. This approach ensures a smooth transition and maximizes the value of your IT investments.

MSP Certified

A Certified Managed Services Provider

Our MSP program follows established industry guidelines and much more. As a certified managed IT service provider, we will prioritize and implement the most appropriate IT solutions to ensure business continuity and compliance.

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In California and Nevada, we have technicians who are ready to help you solve your IT issues. Whether you prefer to work remotely or meet in person, our team can accommodate your preference.