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Teaching the youth of America is a noble profession. What’s not so noble is jeopardizing students’ success with antiquated classroom technology and school services. Information technology (IT) shortcomings can stall the learning process. Printer and copier issues can halt productivity. And outdated hardware can limit achievement. Fortunately, there’s a solution that’s easy, affordable, and smart. 

Education Solutions from Office1

Improve the Student Experience with Office1 

We’ve learned quite a bit about the educational system in our 35+ years. You need to work within your institution’s infrastructure while sticking to a strict student-to-state funding ration. Our Office1 education experts will analyze your current business practices and come up with tailored solutions and service packages for your educational needs across customized print, IT, and document management solutions. Study up on the benefits of partnering with us:

  • Print on demand. Print course materials, binders, booklets, permission slips, and more using the most optimized printing processes possible. Send a job to the best printer from wherever you are on campus.
  • Keep an eye on printing costs. Charge by the page for accurate printing and copying costs. Then charge these amounts back to departments, student success centers, or other groups.
  • Print anywhere, anytime. Allow students, staff, and faculty to scan and print from any network-connected copier 24/7 through a wireless connection on a desktop, phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Stay in compliance. Comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines by restricting access to certain forms or pieces of information, such as sensitive student documents.
  • Be more creative. Instructors can leverage the cloud in exciting ways for their classes. Think interactive white boards that link to iPads and other devices through cloud solutions! With tools like this, teachers can offer more individualized instruction and enhance student’s academic success.

Help Students Move to the Head of the Class with the Right Education Solution

Our highly skilled education experts have a proven method for drawing up an A+ solution for your school.

First, we analyze. Then we optimize. We analyze how you produce documents and share information. Then, we’ll build a solution around our learnings and tailor it to optimize your one-of-a-kind operations.

Whether you’re a private or public school, the advantages of tech in the classroom are well documented, and they help a spectrum of levels. Bright kids have more opportunity for individual learning, and those who need extra help find a world of tools available to them with a bit of guidance from their teachers. Office1 can help you help your students.

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Harness the power of optimization and customization

Looking for a consultant who can offer tailored solutions that consider your industry-specific variables, such as workload and customer base? Office1 has more than 35 years of experience spanning dozens of categories. We know how to curate an exclusive solution, incorporating input from both from an industry standpoint and your unique business needs. Didn’t see your industry above? Give us a call. We’re confident we have the experience to help you succeed.