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Office1 Receives Ricoh Circle of Excellence for the Eighth Straight Year!

calendar icon October 26, 2021 | by Bailey Rogers

We're pleased to announce that Office1 has been recognized as a Ricoh Circle of Excellence Dealership in 2022. We couldn't be prouder of this achievement. It's our eighth consecutive year of being honored as a Ricoh RFG Circle of Excellence certified dealership!

As some background about the award: The Ricoh Circle of Excellence has set guidelines. They honor Ricoh dealers who excel in a number of categories. Each recipient needs to be a Ricoh dealership that provides outstanding customer support and service.

With our eighth consecutive win, we'd like to take the time to honor our services engineers and service technicians. This validates their hard work and consistent service excellence.


Ricoh (RFG) Circle of Excellence Award Process

We work toward obtaining high standards in the Circle of Excellence every year. It's a complex process to go through this program, but it validates the work we do to achieve service excellence throughout the year. 

The first step begins with the online exam. Each of our qualified service technicians and network engineers completes this exam online. The exam is open book, and the participants can use any service manuals and wiring diagrams that are allowed through the Ricoh guidelines.

The second step includes rating our staff based on the number of technicians and service engineers who are certified by Ricoh and work with Ricoh equipment. This is our eighth year receiving the Ricoh Circle of Excellence and all of our staff at Office1 is Ricoh certified.

The Industry and Network Certifications represented by Office1 staff include the following:

  • A+ (20)
  • Network + (19)
  • Security + (3)
  • PDI + (2)
  • Fiery (5)
  • Microsoft (10)

The third step of the testing process rates the organization based on its field productivity and efficiency. Each of our technicians and engineers passed this portion of the challenge. Office1 is committed to making constant improvements going forward to maintain the high standards we've come to expect.


This Year's Performance in Service Excellence

Bill Fetzer, Office1's Service Manager, talked about the performance this year. With an eighth consecutive win, Office1 has shown a commitment to ongoing excellence. But there is always room for growth and improvement.

“One area of improvement was territory integrity... We improved 5% over last year,” Fetzer said. This is the part of the certification process that speaks to the percentage of time a technician takes to complete a call in their assigned territory. 

Fetzer noted that the exam was much more difficult and technical than in previous years, according to the technicians.

“We could not have possibly won this award without the amazing team of field engineers and helpdesk engineers we have. These guys are in the trenches every day, making our company shine above the rest. I just want to say how great of a job our technicians did during the pandemic. They performed their duties exceedingly well under stressful situations while adhering to Office1's Covid protocols. I had weekly huddle calls with all of our technicians for several months...and our technicians were nothing but positive."

Every year brings new challenges. During COVID-19, many of the techs completed self-paced training on some products. There were new provisions to adjust with and staff did exceptionally well in adding the new protocols without sacrificing the great customer care Office1 strives to achieve.

Mike Titus, VP of Service, said, “We take pride in being COE certified. Not all dealers achieve this status.”

He also indicated that Office1 is looking to make improvements and to innovate setting the bar even higher and to continue to provide exceptional customer service

Phu Nguyen won the Ricoh Prestige award this year, achieving one of the highest exam scores in the entire nation. It is the highest level of attainment for service engineers within Ricoh's RFG Circle of Excellence program.. Phu also rated #1 on the hardware track among Office1 technicians, while Caleb was rated #1 on the technology track for Office1. We'd like to congratulate Phu and Caleb on their outstanding performances.

Overall, we'd like to take the time to give a round of applause to the service management team, helpdesk engineers, and technicians. It's a group effort that helps us perform so well, year after year. We can't overstate how proud we are of the entire team for their dedication and hard work.

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