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A Decade of Success: Office1 Receives Ricoh's COE Award for the Tenth Straight Year

At Office1, we focus on delivering exceptional customer experience every time we pick up the phone, answer an email, and help a new or old client. That hard work and training excellence earned us a COE award… again. We just received the 2023 Ricoh Circle of Excellence (COE) Award for our exceptional work in 2022.


Ricoh has a list of criteria that every company needs to meet before being considered for the COE award. It comes with a lot of hard work, knowledge, training, customer service, and success. This officially marks our tenth straight year of winning this prestigious award, so we’re celebrating a decade of success and COE certification.


What Is the COE Award?


The Ricoh (RFG) Circle of Excellence (COE) Award is a prestigious award given out annually to companies that go above and beyond when it comes to customer experience, support, and service. Ricoh Family Group (RFG) is a company of office technology specialists that offer imaging software and products. 


The COE award is made up of three steps. The first step is an online exam. Our qualified engineers and service techs have to take and pass the exam.


After that, Ricoh looks at how many technicians and service engineers we have on our team that are qualified to work on Ricoh equipment. The third step involves our efficiency and field productivity as a whole.


If we fall behind on any of these three criteria, then we lose out on our ability to win the award.


Historically, the COE award goes to the top-performing companies in each industry, and we’re pleased to announce that Office1 was among those top-tier companies.


You can’t win the Ricoh Circle of Excellence Award without going through an online exam first. All of our techs and engineers went through the course and aced the test. The course is never easy, and the exam keeps getting harder. That means that we have to study more each year.


After that, we got rated based on how many of our technicians and service engineers were qualified to work with Ricoh equipment. Finally, Ricoh looks at how productive and efficient Office1 is as a whole — like we said, this award was earned by everyone on the team.


After all of this hard work and effort, Ricoh determined that we were worthy of the 2023 COE award for our efforts in 2022.


Every year, our team works harder to earn the Ricoh COE award. Last year was even tougher because we had fewer technicians who could take the online exam. That means that we had to do even better to earn this award — and we did.


Management knows that our team was motivated and worked hard all year. Even when things got challenging and clients came to us with tough problems, our technicians and engineers delivered exceptional results. No project was too difficult for our incredible staff.


Another change that we went through in 2022 was a revamping of our training. Ricoh looks at all of the training completed by our staff and checks to see how complete our knowledge is. Needless to say, training is a critical component.


However, we didn’t revamp our training just to win the COE award. We did it to improve how knowledgeable our team is, and how able we are to tackle a wider range of problems. With a more versatile staff, we can deliver better results to everyone who chooses Office1.


When people come to Office1, they expect high-quality customer service and exceptional results. Our comprehensive suite of IT solutions attracts different customers, but they always stick with us because of our incredible staff.


There’s a reason why we have so many returning customers. From our nation-leading office technology to our exceptional managed IT services, countless companies have trusted Office1 to keep their operation running smoothly.


Why This Award Matters


This award means a lot to us. Even though it’s our tenth consecutive win, winning this award brings a ton of pride to the leaders across Office1. It’s the direct result of the hard work we’ve done all throughout 2022.


This win is special to us because it’s the culmination of effort across the board: our service managers, Helpdesk engineers, and technicians stepped up to the challenge and did their part.


Will There Be an Eleven-Year Streak?


Every year we’re surprised, honored, and proud to win the COE award. We put a lot of focus into getting this, but it’s still great to see the award show up.


This begs the question: will there be an eleven-year streak? Will we win the Ricoh Circle of Excellence Award again in 2024?


According to Mike Titus, VP of Service, “Our goal would be to have the number 1 spot in the country. We can do this by keeping our technicians trained on all products. Knowledge is power. The more they know about the products they service the better they do at testing time.”


With the new training in 2023, continued success in supporting our customers, and dedication to exceeding expectations, it’s definitely possible.


We have to thank our team for getting us here. Every year the exam gets tougher, and our team works harder to earn a COE Award win.


Thank you!


Just because we won this award doesn’t mean that we can slow down. We have a lot of big plans for 2023, and we’re looking forward to another great year of success together. We want to thank Ricoh for this honor, our team for making it possible, and our customers for giving us their trust. Let’s continue working hard and make this year even better.


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