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Data Backup Is an Extremely Effective Counter to Ransomware

August 14, 2018 | by Marcos Gomez

When you hear the word “ransom” what do you think of?

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Do You Want a Positive Business Result? How You View IT Makes a Huge Difference

August 7, 2018 | by Steve Ellis

How often have you heard some various of “your mindset matters”? Whether it's relationships, working out, trying to eat better, or create any new habit; a positive attitude is a critical part of overcoming relationship bumps or sticking to that exercise and healthier eating plan.

When it comes to information technology, your mindset also makes a difference in how successfully your business uses it.

Do you think IT is an expense you can't avoid or do you think IT is a way to leap ahead of the competition?

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Automation Isn’t Just for the Conglomerates Anymore

August 3, 2018 | by Steve Ellis

Traditionally, large corporations are the first in the business community to enjoy the benefits of transformative innovations that emerge from university research labs and technology think tanks. The unbalanced distribution of these technologies is primarily due to their high price points, as the marketplace has yet to refine production to create the most cost-friendly products.

Fortunately, the effects of supply and demand and the rapidly growing market for automated solutions allow for the positive impact and efficiency-boosting perks of such innovations to trickle down to smaller businesses. In recent years, technologies like AI-based machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) have become the embodiment of these dynamics.

These advancements in automation technology are now integrated into platform solutions that allow smaller companies to enjoy the benefits of automation in everything from production and distribution to sales and administrational workflows. It allows for better human-to-human business as technology manages the rest of the work.




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The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Will Harm Your SMB's Ability to Protect Critical Data. Here's Why

July 31, 2018 | by Steve Ellis

Hiring staff can be time-consuming. Whether placing ads or relying on word-of-mouth, interviewing, checking references, and negotiating salary takes time and shifts attention from other tasks.

Trying to hire staff in an field where there's a shortage of qualified candidates is even more time-consuming.

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As a SMB, Data is King. Know What Data You Need to Backup - And For How Long!

July 27, 2018 | by Steve Ellis

Data is the backbone of any business, small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) included. Therefore, data protection is crucial to any business operation, which leads to the value of data backup. The need to recover old information may occur at any time, so the ability to access data from the past may be the deciding factor that pushes your business forward.


Note that not all data holds the same importance. Sifting through your data and deciding what should be backed up can be a bit of a process, but it is worth it in the long haul. While doing so, take note of what needs to be filtered out and when in order to create more space for data backups.

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7 More Business Advantages of IT Outsourcing

July 24, 2018 | by Steve Ellis

There's a simple reason to outsource anything (IT included) – because someone else can do it better and usually for less than you could do it yourself.

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Forewarned Is Forearmed – Cybercriminals Will Target Anyone, Small Size Is No Defense

July 16, 2018 | by Curtis Buhrkuhl

You scan the business pages and notice that another large company has made the news for being hacked and having sensitive customer information stolen. “Whew,” you think to yourself, “Glad I’m not that big of a fish and don’t have to worry about that.”

Well, not quite.

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The Most Common IT Misconception SMBs Think Is True – That They Are Too Small to Outsource IT

July 9, 2018 | by Steve Ellis

When it comes to outsourcing IT functions, there's a misconception that an SMB's small size prevents them from taking advantage of enterprise-level IT.

That's just not true.

When it comes to managing your network, security, your data backup, and more; there are many managed IT partners who specialize in meeting the IT needs of SMBs.

Let's explore why you aren't too small to outsource some (or all) of your IT, including your network security.

But first, let's explain managed IT.

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Can a Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewall improve security?

July 5, 2018 | by Curtis Buhrkuhl

The internet is a dangerous place with cybercriminals lurking around looking to blast through weak spots in your IT security systems. Once a vulnerability is found, your system is open to harmful viruses, data breaches and cyber-attacks that put both your operations and your reputation at risk. But if you have a unified threat management firewall system on the job, the likelihood of your systems being attacked is greatly reduced.

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3 Tips for Hiring the Right Managed IT Service Provider

June 13, 2018 | by Steve Ellis

Managed service providers (MSPs) do the heavy lifting for your business if in-house isn’t an option. This can be a real game changer when you’re facing IT challenges that need effective, efficient solutions, and it’s probably why 69% of small to medium-sized businesses hire at least one IT service provider (Clutch, 2016).

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