Hard Drive Security

The Easy Way to Defend Your Hard Drive Security

Your copier sees dozens of sensitive documents a day—company invoices, customer forms, and other files. Many of these documents might contain social security numbers, bank account information, and insurance ID data. Ever wonder who else is possibly seeing them? Unfortunately, data breaches and security leaks are becoming more common by the hour. We can help you be prepared for them.

Keep Your Products Secure from the Start

As technologies become more sophisticated, so do cyber-attack techniques. By the time you’re repairing a breach, the damage is already done. Your sensitive data may already be in the wrong hands. 

Stop worrying about the security of your copier and other office equipment. Start safeguarding it all with Office1.

With more than 35 years in the office technology business, we have everything you need for failsafe data protection. We’re always proactive, staying a step ahead to ensure the safety and compliance of your hard drives and stored data. You’ll sleep better at night when you can:

  • Choose your level of protection. Our removable drives can be locked with soft to military-grade encryption
  • Control document access. You get 100% control over who sees your documents and when
  • Step up your security. Go with the most secure products for printers, copier, and other devices on the market
diagram of hacker trying to steal data from a laptop

Better Protection Begins with Office1

We’ve all seen mistakes around the office have costly consequences. Maybe an employee lost a hard drive. Or a manager upgraded a copier before properly wiping the first one’s hard drive—oops! With Office1’s multi-protected hard drives, your data is encrypted and impossible to read should it fall into the wrong hands. 

Office1 has your back. You can count on us to keep your business safe and secure in all its business operations. Optimizing your hard drive security is just one of the ways we bring you the very best in modern tech innovation.

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