Ensure Uptime and Business Continuity

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Secure Your Future with Robust BDR Services

Your Shield in Times of Crisis

In today’s hyper-digitized world, downtime can quickly lead to loss of brand value, revenue, and more. That is why Office1 takes a security-first approach to data protection with our backup and disaster recovery (BDR) services.
BDR is more than just a safety net; it is the lifeline that ensures business continuity in a modern data-driven landscape. As businesses scale, data volumes grow, and so does the need for robust BDR to ensure data availability amidst unforeseen events.


Data Insurance in the Face of Catastrophe

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Robust Data Security

Protect enterprise data from malware, hardware failures, accidental deletion, and natural disasters. Defend against unauthorized access by leveraging encryption.

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Ensure Business Continuity

Ensure operation resilience by quickly resuming mission-critical functions and restoring operations after a disaster to minimize downtime. Expert technical support helps manage and recover from disasters efficiently.

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Avert potential downtime and the significant financial risks associated with it. BDR services offer predictable pricing models, enabling better budgeting and financial planning. Reduce hardware and software costs while securing access data from anywhere.

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Compliance and Legal Protection

A BDR makes complying with regulatory and industry-specific data protection requirements more straightforward. It also helps preserve data for legal and compliance needs.

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Focus on Core Business

When your MSP handles BDR, in-house IT teams are free to focus on core operations with the assurance that data is protected and recoverable. By freeing up internal resources, organizations can optimize operational efficiency.

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Automated Backups & Testing

Ensures regular, automated backups free of manual intervention, mitigating the risk of human error. Regular testing of recovery processes ensures that BDR protocols consistently work as intended. 

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Scale on Demand

Scale your BDR solutions based on your present needs. Organizations can also customize their BDR strategy to incorporate both on-premises and cloud solutions, providing flexibility in recovery options.

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Peace of Mind

Never panic when disaster strikes; your organization is prepared for the unforeseen. Build trust and gain a competitive advantage by ensuring business continuity where others might fail.

Unlock the Key Benefits of Office1 BDR Services

Office1 follows a five-step process: discovery, analysis, strategic planning and customization, deployment, and rapid delivery of BDR services leveraging cutting-edge cloud storage protocols to rapidly restore business-critical data, applications, and files when disaster strikes.

Step 1: Discover
Step 2: Analyze
Step 3: Plan
Step 4: Deliver
Step 5: Manage

Step 1: Discover

We will dive deep into your IT ecosystem, thoroughly understanding your existing data storage and backup processes.


Step 2: Analyze

Armed with comprehensive insights, our experts conduct an extensive evaluation to identify critical areas for enhancing your data protection and recovery plans.


Step 3: Plan

We will develop a customized disaster recovery strategy that fits your unique requirement, aligning your business continuity objectives with innovative backup solutions for maximum resilience.


Step 4: Deliver

Adhering to the BDR plan, we will deploy cutting-edge backup and recovery solutions, fortifying your data protection infrastructure with minimal disruptions.


Step 5: Manage

Our dedicated team will consistently monitor and manage your backup and disaster recovery systems and be ready to respond to a security event quickly and efficiently. By proactively addressing potential risks, Office1 ensures robust data security and a rapid and efficient recovery mechanism in the face of unforeseen events.


Office1’s technical support and leadership team have always quickly and diligently responded to our tech concerns, malfunctions, and requests. They have assisted us in a variety of ways from everyday problem troubleshooting, in-person office tech set up, keeping us safe from malware, phishing attempts, and viruses, and even advocating on our behalf with tech vendors.


We are extremely grateful for the hard work, dedication, and attention we have received from the Office1 team and are happy to recommend them to any organization. They will truly give you peace of mind when it comes to your technology and that allows for your day-to-day operations to ultimately run better.

— Marisa Qu iroz, President & CEO of the International Community Foundation


Office1 developed BDR services to enable mid-market businesses to access a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge backup and recovery tools and technical expertise, once only available to large enterprises. 

Minimize Downtime and Maximize Productivity with Office1 Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Reliable Cloud Backup

  • Offsite servers and decentralized infrastructures 
  • Standalone cloud and on-site virtual machines
  • Enables comprehensive workload protection by blending cloud-directed backups
  • Ransomware protections
  • Backups every 15 minutes, targeting only new or altered files (minimizing backup window)

Dependable Infrastructure

  • Power (dual-module UPS battery systems & N+1 generators) 
  • Networking (several physical entry points, load balancing across multiple ISPs)
  • Cooling (temperature and humidity regulated by industry-grade active and passive HVAC systems) 
  • Fire Protection (fires extinguish within 10 seconds using vapor, without conducting electricity or causing harm to hardware)

Unlimited Data Storage

  • Scale up or down on demand
  • Easily accessible environment
  • Vast expanse to mirror your cloud backup (or offsite backup) protocols
  • Enables data backup replication relative to your backup service capacity

Data Recovery

  • Robust rapid retrieval processes
  • Minimum risk of data corruption, hardware malfunctions, or unanticipated system failures Forensic data recovery to ensure a secure, pre-incident operational state 
  • minimum downtime

Efficient Data Replication

  • Efficient data replication to remote physical or virtual backup appliances 
  • Backup to AWS, Azure, or GCP

Inbuilt Data Duplication

  • Reduce storage requirements, bandwidth use, and backup expenses
  • Deduplicate incoming data and minimize complete backup and replication time

Data Security

  • Layered security protocols
  • Real-time monitoring 
  • AI-driven threat detection
  • Regular vulnerability assessments


  • 256-bit AES encryption applied to all data
  • All data is encrypted during transit, rest, and replication
  • Data stored will be encrypted at a hardware level
  • Option to create MSP managed private keys for local, and cloud backups

Unified Experience

  • Designed to streamline operations
  • Single, comprehensive interface with all systems, tools, and services 
  • Sophisticated integration platforms and API-centric architectures
  • Optimized data flows and functionalities to communicate without friction
MSP Certified

A Certified Managed Services Provider

Our BDR program follows established industry guidelines and much more. As a certified managed IT service provider, we will prioritize and implement the most appropriate IT solutions to ensure business continuity and compliance. 

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How About a Free Assessment?

Let’s talk about backup and disaster recovery solutions. Tell us a good time to reach you, and our BDR experts will happily connect with you.


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