Nonprofit Solutions Designed to Meet Your Unique Challenges

As a nonprofit, you do things differently than for-profit companies. Timelines are tight. Budgets are tighter. And though you may share many of the same needs as a typical business, you ultimately require a completely distinct set of tools and resources. No need to stress—Office1 has you covered!

When Every Penny Needs to Work Hard, Your Technology Does too 

Our relationship isn’t just another business transaction. We truly care about your cause. We’ve been working with nonprofits for more than three decades, so our team has done its homework when it comes to how you operate.

Non-Profit Solutions from Office1

We understand what it takes to optimize your specific IT, communications, hardware/software, company security, and document management needs. And we sympathize with your budgetary limitations. That’s why, with Office1, you can simply pay for what you use rather than rely on expensive, all-inclusive packages. Partner with us to start making the most of these benefits:

  • Maximize what you have in the bank. We get that your managed services need to take your GNA dollars into account, maximizing your earnings and cutting costs wherever possible to help your nonprofit blossom.
  • Work with a provider who believes in you. You can’t afford to place your trust in a company that just looks at you as a sale. We’re a small, independent company that wants to support your cause, not sap you of funds you’re using to help others.
  • Stay within your operating budget. You need a service provider who can promote better communication for smarter business decisions. The right IT, cloud-based platforms, and industry expertise can lead to more effective donor sourcing and ultimately more earnings.
  • Use cost-effective communications. Your volunteers, staff, and audience all have different information needs to address—all within budget. Office1 helps you communicate with ease, providing hosted voice and cloud services to spark collaboration.
  • Improve your stewardship. Is there room for improvement in your current IT infrastructure? We’ll analyze it and provide the tech and services you need to improve your stewardship of donations, budgets, and grants. Better document management means more efficiency, productivity—and money in the bank.
  • Enhance document and donor security. As a nonprofit, you handle a lot of sensitive information. Keep donor information, credit card numbers, and more completely secure with multi-function printers, hard disk encryption, and the ability to overwrite jobs.

At Office1, Our Cause Is Helping You Support Your Cause.

Want to make inefficiency a nonissue for your nonprofit? Our Nonprofit Solutions cater to your unique needs to better support the causes you work so hard for. By teaming up with Office1, you maximize the money you earn for your causes and optimize your business operations. Whether you need to update your technologies or keep personal donor records more secure, you can do it for less with Office1.

Want to learn more? 
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Harness the power of optimization and customization

Looking for a consultant who can offer tailored solutions that consider your industry-specific variables, such as workload and customer base? Office1 has more than 35 years of experience spanning dozens of categories. We know how to curate an exclusive solution, incorporating input from both from an industry standpoint and your unique business needs. Didn’t see your industry above? Give us a call. We’re confident we have the experience to help you succeed.