Certified “Eco-Friendly” Refurbished
Office Equipment

Refurbished Equipment from Office1 Is Eco- and Budget-Friendly

Going green hasn’t been going well for many businesses that ignored environmentally conscious practices for years. Hardware and devices ended up in landfills. The resulting toxic waste won’t decompose for thousands of years. These days, consumers care about how business is done. Make sure your company’s actions only improve its reputation with customers, business partners, employees, and your community.

Help Your Business, Help the Planet

Want an easy and money-saving way to be environmentally responsible? Check out certified “eco-friendly” refurbished office equipment. Office1 provides refurbished printers and copiers—a great way to update your program on a budget and save the environment. Here are some helpful definitions to help you know what’s what:

Eco-friendly: Products that lessen our contributions to land, water, and air pollution and help conserve vital resources. When your business contributes to eco-friendly practices, it fulfills its duty as a responsible part of the American economy.

Refurbished: A product that was previously used, but has been restored to perfect working condition. Purchasing refurbished items at discounted prices saves them from ending up in landfills and contributing to the country’s pollution problem.

Like-new: Products in excellent condition forfeited by previous owners. Maybe they grew faster than they realized, relocated, or have moved on from their business. Whatever the reason, you still get a quality product without the drawback of further production.


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When you purchase Office1’s refurbished office equipment—some of which are like new—it’s a win-win. You get efficient tools for your business without hurting the environment. Taking this small step is good for business—and your reputation as a company that cares about sustainability. It’s lessens your business’s environmental footprint and proves fiscal responsibility and care for the world around us.

Save Face and Money by Integrating Green Devices

Shop Office1 for certified eco-friendly refurbished goods in great condition—and optimize your business and the planet at the same time. It’s just a smart business move to go the refurbished route to get the same performance at a much lower price. Plus, you’ll enhance your reputation as an office that cares about sustainability while improving efficiency.

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