Augment and optimize your in-house IT department with IT staff on demand.


Unlock the Power of Cohesion with our Co-Managed Services

Co-Managed IT Solutions = Synergy and Security

The modern tech landscape can be complex and overwhelming, but you can navigate it seamlessly with a trusted IT partner. Co-managed IT services even the playing field and help both large and small businesses compete with corporate giants.

By augmenting existing IT teams and providing the IT resources they need, organizations can optimize operations with the knowledge, skill sets, and experience of an established Managed Services Provider (MSP).

Co-managed IT support services put you in control. You can choose which IT projects and workflows to manage onsite and which are ideal for outsourcing. Say goodbye to downtime while propelling your business forward while maintaining agility, resilience, and cybersecurity.


Optimize Operations & Accelerate Growth with
Co-Managed Services

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Seamlessly Fill the Skills Gap

Co-managed IT services can also fill a knowledge gap. Sometimes, experienced internal IT departments may find a specific task or issue beyond their skill set. Or they might want to free themselves from mundane, repetitive chores and focus on more important projects. In such situations, enterprises can benefit from the specialty experience in different business solutions with a Co-Managed IT Services Provider. 

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Maximize Operational Efficiency

Need to enhance operational efficiency? The IT professionals at Office1 will dive deep into the inner workings of your operations to identify areas that may impede progress. We will work together with you through meticulous analysis and planning to eliminate inefficiencies, leverage automation, and ignite innovation on a robust foundation. Whether IT project management, onboarding new projects, or optimizing end-user experiences, we have you covered.  

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Boost Your Bottom Line

Want to outsource mundane day-to-day tasks? Office1 can bring respite to your already overwhelmed IT department, allowing them to focus on more important tasks impacting your bottom line while we handle the rest.


Shift Strategies from Reactive to Proactive

Embrace the inevitable paradigm shift from reactive to proactive—strategize and plan by leveraging our expertise and technologies and make the transition from constantly putting out fires to eliminating problems before they become a big issue. Such strategic initiatives will help organizations stay a step ahead of threat actors and the competition.

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Round-the-clock Help Desk Support with Remote Monitoring

Need assistance with help desk services? With our 24/7 US-based support and state-of-the-art technology, we stand by your side long after your digital transformation journey has ended and support you from end to end. 

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Cut Through the Compliance Maze with Ease

Maintaining compliance and mitigating risks are essential in today's intricate regulatory landscape. Leverage our expertise and stay compliant in a rapidly changing regulatory landscape.


vCIO on Demand

When you partner with Office1, we assume the role of your virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO). We will help your business unlock the full potential of innovation, propelling you ahead of competitors through seamless collaboration.

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Rapidly Respond to Advanced Security Threats

Threat actors never sleep, and neither do we. Security events and unexpected disruptions can strike at any time, but they don't have to hinder your progress. Office1 swiftly identifies, assesses, and addresses unforeseen issues whenever the unexpected occurs. 

Unlock the Key Benefits of Office1 Co-Managed Services

We will augment your internal IT team to optimize performance and productivity
Unlock the key benefits of Office1’s Co-Managed Services and elevate your IT strategy. Our collaborative approach provides immediate access to expert guidance, 24/7 support, and streamlined operations. With the right technology tailored to your unique requirements, we will help you streamline workflows and processes and eliminate complexities.

Step 1: Discover
Step 2: Analyze
Step 3: Plan
Step 4: Deliver
Step 5: Manage & Optimize

Step 1: Discover

The experts at Office1 will augment your in-house IT team and examine your IT infrastructure and operational needs. We will work closely with you to better understand your immediate and future IT needs and available resources.


Step 2: Analyze

With comprehensive data in hand, our experts will conduct a meticulous analysis to identify areas for improvement and untapped opportunities.


Step 3: Plan

We will formulate a strategic roadmap, addressing your unique requirements and aligning business objectives with IT solutions to optimize performance and efficiency.


Step 4: Deliver

We will implement our meticulously crafted plan, deploying cutting-edge solutions and technologies, ensuring a seamless integration that optimizes your IT infrastructure while minimizing disruptions.


Step 5: Manage & Optimize

Our dedicated team will support your internal team and monitor and manage your IT ecosystem, proactively addressing potential issues while maintaining peak performance. This IT services model keeps your company ahead of the curve while ensuring a secure and thriving technology environment.


Office1’s technical support and leadership team have always quickly and diligently responded to our tech concerns, malfunctions, and requests. They have assisted us in a variety of ways from everyday problem troubleshooting, in-person office tech set up, keeping us safe from malware, phishing attempts, and viruses, and even advocating on our behalf with tech vendors.


We are extremely grateful for the hard work, dedication, and attention we have received from the Office1 team and are happy to recommend them to any organization. They will truly give you peace of mind when it comes to your technology and that allows for your day-to-day operations to ultimately run better.

— Marisa Qu iroz, President & CEO of the International Community Foundation

Our Services

If your small or mid-sized business is stuck in tech startup mode while industry giants dominate, our co-managed IT services will help bridge the gap without breaking the bank. We will create a tailored IT roadmap that fits your business needs while providing seamless access to cutting-edge tools and technical expertise.
End User Support (Tier 1)
Server and Infrastructure Support (Tier 2)
Consultation and Planning
Managed Security Services
Shared Support Tools

Password Resets

Locked accounts disrupting operations and business continuity? Our Tier 1 End User Support will get you back on track quickly with secure password resets that ensure authorized access to the right users, emails, enterprise apps, and data.

Microsoft Office Support

Office1 provides comprehensive Microsoft Office Support, tackling everything from patching, updating, troubleshooting, training, and more. As an authorized partner, we will combat complex formula challenges and formatting issues while you focus on your business.

Install Approved Software

Software integration isn't always straightforward. However, our experienced IT experts will install approved software, ensuring compatibility and minimum downtime. Focus on core business activities while we handle the technical complexities.

Remote Hardware Troubleshooting

Don't let a malfunctioning computer or server hinder your work. Office1's Hardware Support with Remote Troubleshooting helps businesses boost productivity and minimize downtime related to hardware failures.

Advanced End User Support (Tier 1 Escalations)

Organizations that can't overcome technical hurdles with standard troubleshooting can count on Office1's End-User Support. Our IT specialists are known to take on the most intricate challenges while ensuring prompt and effective resolutions.

Server Management

Office1's comprehensive Server Management services keep your critical business infrastructure running smoothly and securely. Our certified technicians will monitor server performance, troubleshoot potential issues, and deploy security updates.

Root Cause Analysis

Office1's comprehensive Root Cause Analysis services leverage advanced data analysis techniques to detect the underlying cause of IT issues and resolve them before they significantly impact business continuity.

Firewall and Switch Management

Office1's Co-Managed IT services ensure the efficiency and security of enterprise networks. We manage all the complex configurations and integrations and fortify networks against rapidly evolving cyber threats.

Strategic Planning to Align IT Goals with Business Objectives

We work closely with enterprise leadership teams to better understand unique business objectives, conduct in-depth analyses, and develop a customized IT roadmap that seamlessly aligns technology investments with strategic vision.

Define Project Scope

To maximize your return on investment, our consultants will work closely with you to outline project goals, deliverables, and timelines. This approach optimizes project efficiency while minimizing the risk of scope creep and project delays.

Assign Responsibilities

Clear assignment of responsibilities is at the heart of efficient project management. Office1's experienced consulting team will leverage its expertise to match specific tasks with the most qualified team members, fostering accountability and optimal resource utilization.

Identify Key Milestones

Our consultants will help enhance project visibility for all stakeholders while pinpointing key project stages, identifying critical milestones, establishing checkpoints, and keeping everyone focused and on schedule.

Implementation and Management of Security Tools

Office1 helps businesses identify and deploy best-in-class security solutions, customize configurations to their unique environments, and enable continuous monitoring and maintenance.

Threat Detection and Removal

Office1's security specialists leverage advanced techniques and cutting-edge security tools, including real-time threat monitoring, suspicious behavior analysis, and rapid incident response, to proactively identify and eliminate potential cyber threats.

Incident Response

Our security specialists follow best practices to quickly contain potential threats, eradicate malicious code, and recover when disaster strikes. We deploy appropriate mitigation strategies and conduct thorough analyses to minimize potential damage.

Advanced End-User Phishing Tests

Basic phishing tests aren't enough to protect your business from AI-powered cyberattacks. Office1 offers advanced simulations that mimic real-world social engineering attacks to keep staff alert.

Security Awareness Training

Cultivate a cybersecurity culture to stay steps ahead of threat actors. We help employees learn and stay alert to the latest threats and best practices, equipping them to recognize and defend against cyberattacks.

Automated Pentesting

How secure is your IT infrastructure? Get a comprehensive security assessment with penetration testing to identify and resolve potential vulnerabilities before threat actors exploit them.

Advanced Email Filtering

Office1 leverages a multi-layered approach to identify and block sophisticated phishing attempts, malware, ransomware, and other email-borne threats. We help secure inboxes and prevent potential data breaches.

DNS Filtering

Office1's DNS filtering services help block access to malicious websites harboring malware, ransomware, phishing scams, and inappropriate content. This proactive approach protects users from cyber threats while providing a safe and productive browsing experience.

Managed SIEM

Managed SIEM collects data from your IT infrastructure and analyzes it to detect suspicious activity. This helps security teams proactively identify and respond to potential threats, fortifying enterprise security posture and minimizing the risk of data breaches.

Next-Gen Antivirus Monitoring and Management

Office1 leverages cutting-edge security tools, machine learning, and behavioral analytics to identify and neutralize zero-day attacks and other sophisticated malware, ensuring staff and their devices remain continuously protected from rapidly evolving cyber threats.

Remote Access

Office1 will provide local IT staff with a subset of tools, including remote access, which allows authorized users to connect to their desktops and applications securely and from anywhere. This approach helps boost efficiency and enhances flexibility.

ConnectWise Scripting and Automation

Automate repetitive IT tasks, boosting productivity and service consistency. By leveraging scripting languages and pre-built solutions, this approach helps customize automation protocols to optimize operational efficiency.

Privilege Elevation Management and Application Whitelisting

Office1 will manage privilege elevation and grant users only access to the data and applications needed to complete the job. This approach helps mitigate the risk of insider threats while ensuring seamless, uninterrupted access.

Remote Server Monitoring and Management Services

Information Technology (IT) management is increasingly challenging in a hyper-connected world. Server Monitoring and Management services make ensuring uptime, and business continuity more straightforward.

Remote Server Monitoring and Management Services

Information Technology (IT) management is increasingly challenging in a hyper-connected world. Server Monitoring and Management services make ensuring uptime, and business continuity more straightforward.

MSP Certified

A Certified Managed Services Provider

Our co-managed services program follows enterprise IT best practices. We will prioritize and implement the most appropriate policies, controls, and procedures to ensure cost-effective productivity and business continuity.

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Let’s talk about backup and disaster recovery solutions. Tell us a good time to reach you, and our BDR experts will happily connect with you.


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