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Rely on Industry Solutions as Unique as Your Business

Office1 Has Served Thousands of Businesses Across a Variety of Industries

We don’t believe technology solutions should be one size fits all. What works for a school is much different than the solution a medical facility needs to meet strict compliance requirements. Templates and turnkey methods? They’re not really designed to take specific industry factors into account. There’s no understanding of process, no consideration of market conditions, and no expertise to hone the ideal solution. Enter Office1 solutions, tailored to your specific industry.


We can help yours, too.

You’re the expert in your field. We’re experts of the technology behind what you do. At Office1, we construct an
environment for you to do what you’re good at — even better. Here’s a brief overview of who we serve:


Get fast, efficient, and effective access to your information assets to make better business decisions, source donors more effectively, and communicate your successes with ease.
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Make the most of a range of cloud-based software, hardware, and whole-system solutions to give your guests the best experiences possible.
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Thrive in the digital environment with our real-world technological olutions for bankers, insurance agents, and capital marketers.
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Benefit from thorough technology and print assessments, see where you can improve operations, and invest in the ideal services to help your clients with improved file storage, security, and document management.
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Produce documents, share information, and give your students the best experience possible on any budget with our secure, cloud-based education solutions.
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While you work on cultivating the cannabis and customer service sides of your business, you need trusted IT support to keep data thieves at bay and sustain your patterns of prosperity.
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  • Communications – Connect people, devices, and systems with class-A security and reliability by using our hosted VoIP, unified communications, and cloud-based services.
  • Health Sciences – Let us help you change lives with enhanced insights, document management, better security, and increased productivity.
  • Industrial Manufacturing – Promote innovation and business agility with lifecycle management tools, customer relationship solutions, and our comprehensive suite of manufacturing applications for workflow management
  • Professional Services – Gain an edge with a complete suite of tools and systems designed to maximize profitability and cut costs. From managed security services to remote IT solutions, we have it all.
  • Retail – Strike a balance between joining trends and setting them with our planning, merchandising, commerce, IT, and marketing insights and applications.
  • Utilities – Adopt the right technologies for your service, developing optimized processes and strategies that deliver real results for your customers.

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