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Virtualized Desktops & How Your Profitability Is Impacted by Legacy Thinking

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) adoption is well underway. Industry researchers forecast a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29 percent for the global DaaS market between 2016-2023. With DaaS increasing at an exponential rate, it is hard to ignore the benefits that DaaS brings and how it will affect your business.

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The convenience of DaaS platforms is one of its biggest selling points, providing access to files from anywhere, system reliability, and third-party data security. But these benefits mask the true value of DaaS solutions for both SMBs and enterprise-level organizations: Reducing inefficiencies that cut into profitability and detract from your market share. Issues of scalability, cost, and resource expenditure can be minimized by knowing what DaaS does and how to implement it effectively within your business.

As much as technology rapidly changes, the culture behind it changes with it. As BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and other work cultures continue to influence technological change, adopting DaaS is a great way to stay ahead of the curve and maintain the happiness of employees as well as make sure that your business remains profitable as it is efficient and competitive.


Improve Profitability with Virtualized Desktops

If you haven’t started researching how DaaS solutions could integrate with your business, you might be falling behind. DaaS, once heavily criticized as not feasible, is now coming to life in a brand new way that is having companies adopt its usage.

DaaS originally started out as a hard to use and inefficient resource. This was mainly due to the fact that the technology and internet power of the time did not allow for DaaS to even exist. However, as time passed, DaaS became better and stronger and now many businesses are seeking to adopt its robust and adaptive power. Being able to access a virtual desktop with all you need wherever you are in the world is an immensely powerful benefit that allows efficiency to move with the employee and prevents creating an immobile center. Instead of being restricted to just the office, you can take your work anywhere and allow working remote to be just as viable and strong as being in the office.

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And when the benefits of DaaS solutions are compared against outdated in-house systems, it’s not hard to see why the market is growing so fast. Virtualized desktops bring more to the table and bring it faster, better, and stronger. It is the new cutting edge that eliminates the flexibility and competition of what was used previously.

Taking the office anywhere you go is something that has never truly been implemented effectively before. Now, the ability the reach anyone or anything in your company can be nearly limitless so long as there is an internet connection. Being able to work from anywhere and bring all the resources you need securely and efficiently, puts your operational output high which in turn aids in profitability.

DaaS improves your organization’s profitability by helping you identify the unnecessary expenses cutting into your bottom line:

  • The costs of having to house on-site servers and IT infrastructure. There is no need to rely on on-site housing when DaaS allows things to be accessed anywhere.
  • Ongoing expenses of upgrading hardware while scaling your business. You don’t need to make physical space or continue to add new computers, DaaS is scalable to the needs of your company and can continue to add and remove as needed.
  • The heavy burden of personnel expenses and administrative costs of keeping an in-house IT team. DaaS is easy to maintain and does not require extensive hardware repair when things go wrong.

These inefficiencies used to be unavoidable, but in the modern era of virtualized desktops, they’re effectively optional—and are serious detriments to market share. Facing these inefficiencies increases downtime and workplace stress. This will most definitely negatively affect your workflow and office environment. DaaS eliminates these inefficiencies and makes sure that your office is going to maintain its strength and capabilities.

Just think of how much money you could save by reducing expenditures for in-house hardware and labor costs: 

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These are just a few of the benefits that basic DaaS provides, but when you factor in the inherent benefits of communication efficiency, reliability, and data security, you have an optimization solution that produces serious results.


DaaS Sets the Standard for Efficiency

The above examples are only a small overview of what DaaS can bring to the table, but the financial benefits to virtual desktops are beginning to outpace the benefits of the traditional method. The increasing demand for mobile solutions, the push for BYOD, and the growth of remote workforces are set to make DaaS the standard for workplace efficiency. Remember, the forecasted CAGR of global DaaS services over the next few years is nearly thirty percent. Consistent growth of that magnitude indicates a healthy market with plenty of demand—and competitors who are taking advantage of cost-savings that you might be missing out on.

DaaS is not going anywhere anytime soon. Not only is DaaS prominent here in the USA, but it is a powerful force everywhere else in the world. It is going to set the standard for what is efficient and what is not, it is best to see the connection that DaaS has when it comes to understanding how a virtualized desktop will impact the profitability of your company.


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