Top 10 Security Trends to Look for in 2019

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Security is always changing every year. Every year something gets fixed but another issue arises as hackers get smarter and technology continuously evolves. Here are 10 security trends to be on the lookout for in 2019:


1. Paying More Attention to IoT

The IoT industry is only rising and more and more products everyday are switching over to this format of operation. IoT is great for both business and home use and can be immensely useful in optimizing workplace productivity, but it doesn’t come without its risks. IoT is vulnerable to hacking and to various other security compromises so be sure to keep security on your IoT devices up to date and always be proactively updating passwords and security measures used on your devices moving forward!

2. Backup Verification

Backing up files and data is always a great practice and an exceptional way to ensure that you are covered in case of emergencies. However, don’t be fooled by thinking backups are always safe. Malware and hackers will definitely target backups - making it hard to recover data - should there be an incident. Be sure to cover yourself and make sure that your backups are kept safe, secure, and updated regularly.

3. Proactive Search and Fixes

Instead of waiting for a disaster to strike, having a proactive attitude towards your security is an excellent trend to follow in 2019. Many IT professionals recommend scanning for potential holes or flaws in security systems and maintaining updates. This proactive trend will increase moving forward and throughout 2019 and while it may seem like a bit of a chore, proactive searching and scanning will save hours of headache dealing with extended downtime and unnecessary costs further down the line.


4. Proper Security Training

More and more companies are realizing that malware attacks and threats of hackers need to be met with a strong defense. A line of defense often overlooked is proper security training for employees across all departments of the company. Proper security training for all employees hooked up to your company’s network is vital to the security and protection of said network. While the outer defenses may be strong, more often than not, the majority of problems occur internally. There can be vulnerabilities on the human side such as downloading the wrong attachment via email or giving unauthorized access to sensitive documents. Training employees in proper security measures is not just a trend, it’s a necessary business action so employees can also be proactive in the fight against security threats.

5. 2 Step Verification

Many companies forgo 2 step verification because it is time consuming and a hassle to have to deal with every time you need access to something or wish to login. Top companies like Google realize that even though 2 step verification can be a pain, however, it is a great security trend to adopt in order to combat the rising issues of hacking and malware attacks. 2 step verification is a great way to combat brute force and phishing attacks on your systems and is a top security trend businesses must follow.

6. Being Wary of Open Source Software

Open source software is great, free, efficient, and used by millions. But the issue that arises is that they are open to many vulnerabilities. While many businesses may use these softwares, there is an increasing risk moving forward that these are a great avenue of attack. Because of its ease of accessibility and inherent trust people have in these programs, these vulnerabilities can be easily exploited and potentially wreak havoc among your network.

7. Invest in Dark Web Scanning


Already in the first 2 months of 2019,  2.7 billion identity records- that’s 774 million unique email addresses and 21 million unique passwords- were posted for sale on the dark web. Most of the people who were affected were also faced with dwell time. Dwell time is the time between when a breach occurs and the time when one finds out they’ve been affected, essentially an incubation period. That time is usually 172 days on average. Don’t face dwell time, the sooner you find out about a breach the sooner you can deal with any potential problems. PII, otherwise known as personal identifiable information, can be obtained from these breaches and the last thing you or anyone else wants is for someone to know everything about you. What dark web scanning immediately notifies you when any one of your employee’s email addresses have been compromised and placed for bid on the dark web. Investing in this extra layer of security ensures that the security of the sensitive information of your company is constantly being looked after from all sides.  

8. Data Privacy

Privacy is an important factor in many people’s lives as well as business’. Privacy is becoming more of a given expectation as opposed to a privilege. In 2019 moving forward it can be expected that this trend of privacy will be pushed forward in legal processes as well as in business paradigms. It is important to value data security and privacy ahead of time before it becomes too late.

9. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Top companies and businesses are looking for ways to automate their security processes to help lighten the load for IT professionals. This means integrating machine learning and AI into security processes that will help recognize vulnerabilities and report any issues or errors. This trend towards automation is making greater and greater strides as the years go by.

10. An Increase in Identity Theft


As mentioned previously, privacy is a huge security trend in 2019. Identity theft, or the loss of privacy, will have huge repercussions on business. Protecting information is a big security trend in 2019 as it will continue to have a profound effect on businesses if they don’t treat this trend seriously. In the news and on the web, privacy and identity are huge talking points when it comes to cybersecurity. It is important to look out for security trends that will make your company proactive in its need for security in 2019.

A common theme amongst these security trends in 2019 is protecting privacy and user data. Hardening security against these potential threats should always be your top concern. Being proactive and scanning dark web data dumps as well as using resources available such as to make sure your data and information is kept safe and secure will help you move forward with these trends throughout the year.


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