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Is Your Outdated Communication System Slowing Down Your Office?

March 23, 2018 | by Berton Warner

The diverse communication channels in your office are a double-edged sword. On one hand, you have access to any type of communication platform that your employees or customers need, from regular email to SMS text to video conferencing. On the other, you actually have to track and manage this information. And unless you have boundless enthusiasm for data entry, you’re probably tired of dealing with each of these channels manually.

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Consider eliminating a mountain of data entry with one of the best office hacks you’re not using: hosted unified communication (UC) system.

What are Unified Communication Systems?

If you’re stuck in the stone-age of outdated phone systems, it might seem like you never have enough time to get anything done.

What if, instead of having to coordinate each channel individually, they were all hosted on an off-site server and bundled for your convenience? This is the primary benefit of a hosted UC system; every communication channel your office uses is centralized it in a single platform:

  • Emails
  • Phone calls
  • Video conferences
  • Faxes
  • Text communications
  • CRM data

Why You Should Switch to a Hosted UC System

With cross-channel communications hosted from a single platform, your office will see some serious improvements over the setup you have now:



  • Time-saving Efficiency: With every communication linked to a single platform, all information is automatically logged in the server and made available when you need it. This type of all-in-one communication system helps you coordinate your teams more effectively and makes it easier to access information—all without any extra effort on your end.
  • Less IT Troubleshooting: You already spend too much time in IT, and your disparate communication channels aren’t helping. Instead, consider the benefits of a hosted UC system compared to your outdated PBX. It’s hosted off-site by a third party, meaning that you’ll never have to spend time troubleshooting with your IT team. All you have to do is call your provider and they’ll help you out, leaving you free to focus on more important tasks.
  • Mobility: Hosted UC systems can provide always-on connectivity for disconnected office environments. Offices with remote workers typically struggle with communication while employees are off-site; hosted UC systems provide a user-friendly way to manage team members while they’re off the grid and keep them connected to the workplace. 

The Hosted UC Advantage




Hosted UC systems are the natural evolution of your traditional PBX phone systems. By upgrading your office with this advanced suite of tools, you’re leveling the playing field by gaining access to value-driving improvements that, before now, were only available at the enterprise level. Whether you’re struggling to keep track of communications across your outdated phone systems or you’re just tired of devoting your limited time to technical troubleshooting, you’ll be amazed by the advantages of a hosted UC system.


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