What is an IT Health Check?

IT Health Checks are examinations of an organization’s existing IT systems, including:






Cloud infrastructure

An IT health assessment analyzes the entire technology ecosystem to identify weaknesses, performance issues, security risks, and more.

A practical IT health assessment will thoroughly examine every point of the system to ensure enhanced security, productivity, and optimized operations.


Who Needs an IT Health Check?


You need an IT health check if:

Arrow Users are complaining about poor system performance
Arrow You’re unable to work in a hybrid environment
Arrow You’re not sure how to support present and future business goals
Arrow You don’t know if business-critical data is backed up
Arrow You don’t know if personally identifiable information is properly secured
Arrow You don’t know if your infrastructure is vulnerable to a data breach
Arrow You’re not aware of potential compliance violations

Office1 recommends IT Health Checks to ensure uptime and business continuity. We will thoroughly inspect every aspect of your IT environment to mitigate risk and reduce potential downtime.

If it’s been a while since your last IT Health Check,
schedule your next assessment with Office1.

What Do You Get with a
Free IT Health Check?

Office1’s Free Health Check includes:
icon-scan Scan for software that has reached the end of vendor support
icon-items-low-disk Items like low disk space or open ports
icon-hardware Hardware specs (i.e., RAM, Processor)
icon-scheduled Scheduled tasks
icon-patch Patch levels (i.e., what Microsoft patches are missing)
icon-local users List of local users on each computer
icon-internet Internet speed test (to confirm that customers are getting what they are paying for)
icon-server Server and workstation age (based on the date the operating system was installed)
icon-list-network List of all network devices (by IP, Name, and open ports)
icon-list List of installed software
icon-cybersecurity Cybersecurity audit
icon-darkweb Dark Web analysis

Office1’s Complete Operating Systems Check includes:

icon-version-OS The version of the Operating Systems installed
icon-OS Operating Systems that are no longer under vendor support

Office1’s User Account Audit includes:

icon-users List of users from Active Directory
icon-date-loggedin Date last logged in
icon-color-coded Color-coded to highlight users that have not logged in for over 30 days (and are likely ex-employees)
icon-computers List of computers from Active Directory
icon-last-time-connected Last time those computers connected to the domain