Cloud Services

Elevate Your Success by Operating in the Cloud

With Office1 Cloud Services,
the Sky's the Limit

Is your company stuck on the ground without cloud-based functionality? When your business processes rely on local infrastructure, flexibility and scalability are limited. Innovation is stifled. And growth opportunities are missed. Let’s get you operating in the cloud, so your company can reach its full potential.

Joining the cloud opens all kinds of doors. Imagine being able to make the most of your infrastructure, having the convenience of on-demand computing capacity, and scaling up without blowing up your budget. 

Elevate Your Success by Operating in the Cloud

As one of the nation’s leading office technology providers, Office1 is proud to offer some of the most advanced cloud services on the market. But we’re so much more than a provider—we’re your partner.

Heard that before? Unlike other one-dimensional providers, we really work with you every step of the way, first building out your custom system, then managing it for you.

Cloud Services

Our cloud-based applications are completely secure, so nightmares of security breaches
and data loss won’t keep you up at night. Let us help you free up space on computers and hard drives,
enjoy 24/7 access to your cloud-based applications, and master your data control.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

DaaS with Office1 replaces desktop computers with virtualized desktops running in a datacenter.
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Hosted VoIP Phone
& PBX Systems

Our hosted PBX, or cloud voiceover IP (VoIP), lets you build a unified communication platform without bearing the brunt of the work.
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Your Cloud or Ours?

Your Cloud or Ours?

We know that not everyone is ready to take the plunge and switch 100% of operations over to the cloud.
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Hosted Unified Communications

It’s not a single product, but a set of products, all geared toward helping your brand communicate.
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Discover the New Capabilities
that Await in the Cloud

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Cloud-based security solutions

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