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The Definitive Definition of Metadata

May 29, 2020 | by Curtis Buhrkuhl

What IS Metadata? Let's join Curtis Buhrkuhl, an Office1 expert, and take a deeper dive into its definition from a technology perspective.



Metadata in litigation is the origins or characteristics of the data or the electronic device.

We are looking at the characteristics of information from 5 different layers:

1. When was the document opened?

2. Who created the document?

3. Where is it being accessed?

4. Who has accessed it?

5. What time was it accessed/edited?


It's the fine details in litigation that can make all the difference!


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Categories: Legal

Curtis Buhrkuhl

About Curtis Buhrkuhl

Curtis was born and raised in America's finest city, San Diego, CA. He has been with Office1 since 2015. Curtis has always been intrigued by computers and tech. He started by building computers in middle school and now provides consultation to our clients to organize and build their networks, helping to bring companies, both startups and established businesses, into the cloud. By partnering with Amazon Web Services, we have been able to successfully introduce a new innovative desktop experience.

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