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How Technology and Employees Work Together in One Office Ecosystem

calendar icon January 29, 2019 | by Gideon Ford

It’s difficult to make sure that the workplace flows in harmony and efficiency with all its moving parts. It’s important to know just how your office ticks with employees and technologies that work in tandem with each other to create an ecosystem of productivity without sacrificing sanity or happiness. Digitalization of the workplace prioritizes user-friendly software that provides more flexibility and convenience to employees. 

office1Blog_EcosystemGraphic2Business applications allow workers instant access to vital information anytime, anywhere. Virtual teams scattered around the globe can collaborate on projects in real time as digitalization begins to erase the borders between home and work.

The Idea Behind a Technological Office Ecosystem

Nothing can be done without first considering strategy and design philosophy. Many modern offices portray the same aspects of an office culture surrounded by employees and their technology. Concepts like consumerization and BYOD ideology all represent the ways in which businesses and offices strategize their structure and organization. Basically, technology and the office blend and work together in harmony as opposed to being two separate entities. If your company does not already reflect this design, then driving digital transformation within your business to reflect a cohesive office ecosystem can bring great benefits.

Employees and Technology Work as One

The automated nature of technology combined with the free thinking, unique, and individualistic qualities of employees really shines through when looking at a healthy ecosystem. Office ecosystems that are based off the mutual relationship of the technology and employee allow for a great organizational structure that can allow you to engage with all your workers as well as easily identify any potential issues that arise before they start. Increasing productivity is always an issue many businesses face, and most businesses don’t want to work their employees to death to meet a quota. An optimized technological office ecosystem will give your employees the tools and the means necessary to tackle challenging workloads with ease without costing employee happiness- which would affect their output.


For example, think about how important information sharing is for any work environment transitioning into digitization. Relaying ideas, concepts, and critical data is necessary for any good office. As the office works towards growth, this is a central aspect of technology and employees coming together to understand the work being done and make meaningful progress towards projects. The need for connectivity is so strong among employees that work ceases to exist when information sharing systems and processes are down. This is a testament to how productive and efficient businesses are made possible when digital transformation is spurred by technology and employees working together in one cohesive work ecosystem.

Why This Matters

This is the era of multiple digital platforms coming together to allow your office to thrive. An office does not just rely on Excel and Word to function and do their everyday tasks. The smorgasbord of software and hardware that are at the disposal of each and every office shows the importance of bringing your office to the digital age. Maintaining and working in a balanced office ecosystem can bring many long-term benefits to your business.


The relationship between your office and its technology allows for a complete overhaul of your office space in accordance with the stable ecosystem that it perpetuates. The strength of an optimized and balanced office ecosystem shouldn’t be underestimated as an automated and cohesive workplace can help your company grow to become a powerhouse that manages office workflows, creates a great company culture, and allows your company to thrive to new heights. Try not to see technology and employees as two separate entities. Instead, view them as one cohesive unit that will foster an age of digital transformation in your business for years to come!


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Gideon Ford

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Gideon Ford is a Professional Services Help Desk Technician for Office1 working to solve all issues related to IT. Gideon has worked with IT for nearly a decade and is familiar with Information Systems Security, Networking, SMB and Mobile Technologies, and providing remote support for those users. He has also worked with and supported a Department of Defense Aviation Contractor providing Network and Security support. Provided Mobile device technical support for a wireless carrier and most recently was part of AppleCare’s Senior Technical support team. Gideon Received his Bachelor of Science in 2012 from Westwood College in Denver in Information Systems Security. In addition to his degree specialty, he has trained in the areas of A+, Network+, and Security+ to name a few.

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