Digitizing Business Developments in the Cannabis Industry with Office1

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Our Director of IT Solutions here at Office1 has a conversation with Bethany Moore about the growing cannabis industry in their newest episode of the NCIA Cannabis Industry Voice podcast. Give it a listen below!


Listen to "Modernize The Business Landscape Of Cannabis" on Spreaker.


Sean provides proactive, personalized, and eco-friendly office technology solutions for various small businesses and startups in the industry by understanding the problem and creating a solution for cultivators and retail dispensaries. Sean and Bethany discuss the importance of complying with all federal and state regulations as well as prioritizing cyber security in connection with the growth of any company. Sean continues to speak about the importance of being a part of a national organization like the NCIA and his experience and expertise with converting cannabis companies from manual to digital. As an expert in this field, Sean is able to provide immense insight into the digitalization of small businesses and the necessary steps start-ups need to make at the inception of the company to provide the greatest level of security and success.