6 IT Must-Have Services For a Dynamic Work Environment

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With the digital world growing rapidly, you want your business to be at the cutting edge of innovation. With a large business to run and dozens of employees to oversee, you want services you can trust that will maximize your company’s productivity and streamline your business operations. Leaning on an outdated system leaves your team feeling defeated when device’s crash, and it leaves your network vulnerable when breaches occur -- ultimately hindering growth. If technology innovation in your work environment is continually ignored, your business will become just as obsolete as the systems it’s running on.

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With a growing business in a world of ever-evolving technology, having services that can scale with you is invaluable to the success of your office. Here are five must-have services to keep your company ahead of the game and working to its full potential:

1. Managed Security Services

With the world of technology growing, so are security risks. Security should be a  #1 priority in your business and if it isn’t, it could cost you a lot more than just money. With the increased use of IoT devices, security is on the rise and isn’t projected to ease up in the coming year. With corporations always having potential for a security breach, ease your mind with a Managed Security Service (MSS) that allows your network to have a stronger firewall, better virus protection, and defense against dangerous content. You have worked hard for where your company is at today but that can be taken away at any second if you don’t have the proper system in place to prevent cybercrime. With cyber attackers always on the prowl, you want to keep your sensitive information safe and unaccessible. This service identifies weak points in your current IT security systems, reclaims proprietary information from the dark web, and even trains your employees on phishing emails, malware, and password security. Ensure your company a safer tomorrow with a managed security services whose sole purpose is to protect your business.

2. Document Management

A document management system is a solution that allows your office to go from paper to digital. Document management is ideal for frequent document retrievals, searches, and document sharing. It’s no longer practical nor efficient to subject your employees to wasted time sifting through files of paper to find a specific document. Worse yet, you’re aggravating your customers when they’re having to wait for your employees to pull the right documents. But digital documents can be easily retrieved with a simple keyword search, so your employees can optimize their time and focus on providing the best customer experience. Do more with less administrative work while keeping your operations competitive and flexible. A document management system will help streamline your workflow and optimize efficiency with a more organized and accessible solution, creating a dynamic and innovative workflow every employee can easily navigate!

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3. Proactive Fleet Management

With the emergence of new digital document management systems, document imaging will always be a crucial part of your office operations. It’s essential for your document infrastructure to run continuously (without downtime), be cost effective, and optimize workflows. Your office assets are turned into liabilities with a reactive fleet management that only addresses device malfunctions when they happen. When your team is focused on maintenance tasks, it takes away from productivity with important business initiatives. Fixing issues as soon as they arrive is a process of the past when you have a system that with automates patches and updates that fix problems before they even occur. Proactive fleet management lets employees stay ahead of problems and increase productivity. It’s innovation in its truest form as this will soon become the new industry standard in the coming years.


Managing your document-related tasks can be time-consuming and costly, but a proactive fleet management allows you to focus on your long-term goals instead of reacting to day-to-day issues- ensuring operations are keeping up with the speed of your business. Proactive fleet management is a powerful, 24/7 service that identifies and responds to any issues that may pop up from any location. A team will be monitoring everything in real time -- allowing preventative maintenance and will remote in, if a problem does occur. If a technician is needed, they already know the issue before they need to come in to fix it. This decreases the downtime it’ll take to fix the issue. It keeps the machines in your office up-to-date with updates and supply monitoring that happen in real-time- say goodbye to meter readings permanently, thereby increasing service while decreasing employee stress, unnecessary costs, and network downtime. You never know when your company is going to expand, which is why proactive fleet management takes care of your growth needs when necessary. You no longer have to worry about issues rising when a proactive fleet management team is there to remotely and proactively manage your equipment -- optimizing your operations.

4. Managed Cloud Communications

UCaaS or Unified Communication as a Service is a communication service based through the cloud. Having a service like this one, that is the most efficient and versatile system available for office communication, streamlines your office’s telecommunication process in a flexible way that works with your company and more importantly, your employees. Implementing a managed communication system over the cloud not only saves your company money, but it allows your employees to be more accessible to your customers. Because it’s a cloud based service,  internet connection is all employees need to be contacted through call, text or video no matter where they’re working from. 

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Having a cloud communication service in place that supports your employees and your policies (i.e. a work from home or BOYD policy) allows for more streamlined processes and aids in you everyday operations. Office communication shouldn’t hinder your productivity, it should add to it.

5. Remote Monitoring

Every minute your business experiences downtime will cost you, and while there are always signs that your systems are going to fail or break, most employees won’t address them until the damage is already done. That’s why a remote monitoring service is extremely helpful in any business environment. With remote monitoring, our team monitors your network activities 24/7/365 to ensure your workflow is running as it should. It oversees network activities to predict hardware failures, patch management and reports, and update software as needed to keep your business running efficiently. Remote monitoring forms the foundation for your business’ success while also increasing revenue and minimizing costs.

Entrusting an experienced IT team to remotely monitor your network provides you with a proactive solution that will systematically catch the weak spots in your network before you or your team can, nipping issues in the bud and saving you from unforseen costs and downtime. All this ultimately leads to an enhanced experience for your customers as you establish yourself as a trustworthy and reliable company. This solution keeps your business ahead of innovation instead of a step behind it, allowing you to focus on the growth of your business without the stress of keeping on top of essential network maintenance and updates. It is hard to predict when your company will grow which is why remote monitoring allows you to get ahead by ensuring your IT grows when your company does. With remote monitoring, optimize technology and increase workflows within the company to fix problems before they begin to cost your business.

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6. Connected Care

Without a doubt, managing your network as a whole is crucial to the success of your business, but what about the parts that make that network up? The day-to-day equipment within you office’s equipment environment that your team has to operate? When equipment breaks or new additions need to be added, most IT teams are not equipped with the skills for machine networking and no one in your office should have to worry and waste time trying to troubleshoot the issue. Connected care provides your team with nationally recognized professionals who can efficiently help when issues arise to provide solutions to your day-to-day operations. Connected care focuses on adding workstations, reconnecting relocated equipment, and network or machine troubleshooting so your team can focus on more important things in the office.

It’s a fact that managing a business and all it’s moving parts is difficult, that’s why there are services out there to help you be successful and on the cutting edge of innovation. With a strong IT network running your operations and workflows, stronger employee productivity and customer satisfaction take into effect that will leave your business running at its full potential.  


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