Q › Who is Impact Drug & Alcohol Research Center?

A: We accommodate individuals who are seeking to recover from the powerful force of addiction. We provide access and/or admission to treatment, treatment planning, clinical service provision and staff employment practices.


Q › How did your relationship begin with Office1?

A: We had 7 Ricoh MFPs that were being serviced by Ricoh Direct. Office1 took over our account in May 2017 and established a regular Quarterly Business Review (QBR). Previously, when one of our offices needed a printer, a printer would be purchased and installed- creating a nightmare. Many various offices were dealing with many different printer models; this created a challenge to keep toner in stock for the different models. Since we already had a relationship in place for our copy machines, we turned to Office1 for help.


Q › How did Office1 help?

A: Office1 performed a walkthrough printer assessment at three of our locations. They cataloged 115 single-function printers and found our monthly cost of toner supplies was $3,100. Office1 installed 63 new printers with full-service maintenance and printer replacement on our fleet. Office1 is also actively managing our printer toner inventory which reduces the burden of ordering toner from multiple websites as we’ve done in the past.


“Office1’s communication and response to issues we're seeing has been great. Everybody has been very responsive, friendly, and helpful for our needs. On a scale of 1-10, I give Office1 a ten!”


Q › How is your office with Office1 as a partner?

A: With Office1 solutions in place, our overall monthly spend reduced by over $900 per month or $54,000 over the 5-year term. We’re very satisfied with our cost savings, ease of communication, and the convenience we've experienced working with Office1.


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Impact is an In-Patient Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility.

Industry: Rehab Services

Company Size: 90+

Location: Pasadena, CA

Solutions: Document Management and Workflow Optimization



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