Hardware as a Service


Hardware as a Service (Haas): The Easy Way to Upgrade Your Equipment 

What happens when devices don’t meet your expectations? Productivity across your entire business can be thrown off. Underperforming tech investments become costly afterthoughts—or worse, maintenance-intensive money wasters. You need to reverse course. But in a constant stream of innovation, replacing and maintaining technology can feel like an impossible task. Until now.


HaaS Makes Technology Optimization Possible

Ready to move ahead with office hardware products that actually exceed expectations? Office1’s HaaS is the answer. Our highly skilled tech team will create a solution molded to your business’s unique needs. We’ll swap out ineffective equipment with the latest high-performance technology.

The result? Productivity levels will soar. Company metrics will improve. And unnecessary costs will disappear. Here’s what you need to know:

  • No purchase necessary. Our HaaS model is just like leasing or licensing equipment. We lend you hardware so you don’t have to make room in the budget to buy it.
  • No more guesswork. With HaaS, you can finally guarantee ROI for your hardware. We make hardware optimization smart, effective, and easier on your budget.
  • No worries. We handle everything—from installation to repair to replacements. Since we own the equipment, you aren’t responsible. Need to replace your hardware? We wipe proprietary data, physically destroy any hard drives, and certify that we’ve recycled your old equipment for you.

No unexpected costs. Depending on the terms of your agreement with us, you pay a monthly fee or incorporate the costs of HaaS in your overall managed service fee structure with Office1.

Put Optimized Hardware to Work for Your Business Today

Interested in getting started? Here’s how we bring optimization to life. First, we’ll assess your business, help you choose the right HaaS package, and install the hardware that best matches your needs. But we’re way more than tech providers. We’ll also stay in touch with you to make sure you’re always operating at peak performance. Consider your current hardware solution. Now imagine getting cost-effective, sustainable, results-driven, worry-free hardware management from Office1. Much better.

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