Hosted VOIP Phone and PBX Systems

(Cloud Voice)

Real Talk: Cloud Voice Brings Your Business Closer Together

You probably know that your company’s private branch exchange (PBX) system is essential for smooth communication. But do you realize all the burdens of managing it onsite on your own?

You need to invest in the right equipment and stay on top of upgrades. Administration tasks are tedious. And when problems arise, productivity can plummet. But there is a way to sidestep all the headaches and hassles.


Level up Your Communications Instantly with Office1

Our hosted PBX, or cloud voiceover IP (VoIP), lets you build a unified communication platform without bearing the brunt of the work. So it’s easy to upgrade to hosted VoIP phones through a secure cloud-based application. And we’ll make you look like a genius by streamlining your communication processes, freeing up your IT team, and bypassing extra expenses. With our highly customizable Voice Cloud services, you get:

  • The exact solution you need. Our solutions for VoIP are tailored to meet your needs—from easier employee onboarding to more streamlined communication processes.
  • Greater efficiency and productivity. Don’t get tripped up with outdated phone systems. Let us help keep the conversation moving with improved of communication on all fronts: in-office, intra-office, and outside the office.
  • The latest innovations. Why settle for second-rate features? With our hosted VoIP, you’ll have access to flexible, secure, and feature-rich phones.
  • Cost savings. Save right from the start with only minimal hardware required outside of phone equipment. 
  • Reliable management. Free up your IT team and leave the daily administration to us. We’ve got your VoIP components covered at all times.

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