Your Cloud or Ours?

The Easy Answer to “Your Cloud or Ours?”

Here’s the situation: You’ve heard about the cloud and are confident it makes sense for your business. What you’re not quite sure about is the transition. Do you move everything over? Should you start by simply migrating your email? What about your file server and desktops? There are a lot of questions to ask. Office1 has the answers.

Your Cloud or Ours?

Office1’s Hybrid Solution Gives You the Best of Both Worlds

Now you can enjoy the advantages of both the public and private cloud in one simple, cost-effective solution. No matter your size, industry, or business goals, the cloud has features that will benefit your company.

At Office1, we’re well-versed in cloud technology and, because we’ve partnered with businesses of all kinds, we know that not everyone is ready to take the plunge and switch 100% of operations over to the cloud. This is where our innovative hybrid solution comes in. Here’s what you can do with our hybrid cloud service:

  • Implement a custom solution. The hybrid cloud offers an exact solution for your company’s unique data storage, file sharing, and security needs. What’s great is that you can combine the best features of your own cloud and our third-party cloud into one ideal solution.
  • Make operations more efficient. A hybrid cloud matches the right solution to the right job, so you can always be confident your cloud service is the right choice for a specific task. 
  • Save money. Another benefit of a hybrid cloud is that you can reduce your IT costs and total costs of ownership. Want to match your costs with your revenues more easily? Done. Looking to move your company from a capital-based spending model to an operating expense one? Not a problem.
  • Improve security. Keep your customer and personal information safe by combining the power of both cloud types. If any security and privacy compliance concerns arise, rest assured, we’ll be there for you.

Make Your Transition to the Cloud Seamless with Office1

The future of business is in the hybrid cloud. We can put you right in the middle of it. Partner with Office1, and we’ll position your company at the forefront of innovation—while taking the huge weight of keeping up with technology off your shoulders. We make the transition to the cloud easy and profitable for you. It’s cloud technology 100% optimized for your success.

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