Managed Communications

Reimagine Your Traditional Communication System

In the world today, where a business is not limited to one building - or even one timezone - it’s crucial to reimagine the traditional communication system and implement an innovative one that scales with your business, giving you the competitive advantage of making the world your office.

Office1 offers Managed Communications Services, optimized to digitally transform your entire technology ecosystem with innovative solutions scaled to your exact needs.

Every company has its own needs when it comes to communication services, that’s why Office1 offers different solutions, all customizable, so you can find exactly what works for you, and leave behind what doesn’t.

With us, you can expect a fully integrated communications system including:

Cloud Supported Phone System

Cloud supported phone system

Video conferencing

Video conferencing

Messaging platform

Group messaging platform

sync applications

Synced network apps

The Perfect Solution for Remote or Hybrid Workers

You can use the same number across all of your devices, making it easy for your customers to find you while maintaining the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Increased Collaboration

Experience instant and constant connectivity across all your departments. With high-quality video conferencing and screen sharing, you’re able to connect to your team from anywhere, on any device. 

Reduce Costs

By consolidating with one provider, you will cut down expenses over using an on-premise phone system.

Drive Customer Loyalty

With customer service options, your customers will always know who to turn to when they need help, never straying from where they know they’re taken care of.

managed communication services


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