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Managed Security Services


Elevate Your Success by Operating in the Cloud

You work hard to push your company to the forefront of your market. Sometimes it takes long hours, time away from the family, and going the extra mile to ensure your business’s success.

Now imagine everything you’ve worked for taken away—in the blink of an eye. Pretty scary, right? This is the frightening reality of today’s treacherous cyber-security environment. But never fear, our proactive solution is here.


Fortify Your Company’s Security Before It’s Too Late 

Managed Security Services (MSS) with Office1 can give you peace of mind. It reduces the risk of your biggest threats like cyber-attacks, data breaches, and harmful viruses. What a relief!

MSS can check your current IT security systems, find weak spots, and bolster your firewalls with effective, custom-tailored security solutions. With imminent security threats, wouldn’t your company benefit from:

  • A stronger firewall.
  • Our tailored Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewall system packages let your administrator monitor and manage your security-related infrastructure via a single console.
  • Better virus protection. We offer a gateway anti-virus scanning service that checks files for viruses across your entire enterprise and lets you know about any potential cyber threats right away.
  • Defense against dangerous content. Never worry about the websites your employees access again! Web filtering screens incoming web pages to block potentially dangerous and offensive content.
  • All the security needs managed from one hub. We can protect dozens or even hundreds of your systems and products with centrally managed anti-virus software that requires little to no intervention from you.
  • Simpler software updates. Manage your software applications and technology upgrades with patch management—our simple, all-inclusive solution.
  • Documentation of danger. Our security log audits identify an attacker’s activities and potential breaches right away, so you can quickly counteract them.
  • The latest tech upgrades. We’ll check your entire corporation for security risks in annual security audits that give you strategic security insights and the best tech upgrades to keep your company safe.

Unparalleled Customization for Unbeatable Protection

Stressing about the state or cost of your enterprise’s security? Ease your mind with Office1 MSS. Let us analyze your distinct business needs and build you a layered, outsourced security solution. Compare us to the plan you have in place now. Our simple, flat-rate package can deliver a tailored, in-depth security solution that will give you and your team greater confidence. Your safety is our top priority. Partner with Office1 for managed security services today, and ensure a safer tomorrow.

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