A fixed-rate, full-service solution.


Tech+ is much more than a simple collection of popular IT services. This solution was created to address and mitigate the specific needs and concerns of businesses today - concerns revolving specifically around cost-prohibitive and often unpredictable expense as well as the need for ongoing service and support. In order to keep up with technological trends and stay ahead of the curve, many companies have recognized the very real need for a fixed-rate, full-service solution - a one-stop shop to maintain, support, optimize, and streamline their office environment.

A fixed-rate, full-service solution designed to solve:

Unpredictable Expenses


Technological Innovation


Innefficient Business Processes

Business Processes

Reactive Work Environments

Reactive Work

Tech+ will equip and empower your business to succeed by streamlining your business processes through the optimization of your technological ecosystem with:

Protect Your Network 

We live in a world where opportunity goes hand-in-hand with increasingly sophisticated cybercrime, which can cause disruption, severe financial impact, and reputation damage to your business.

Tech+ Managed Security Services offer peace of mind by identifying weak points in your current IT security systems, reclaiming proprietary information, and training your employees on appropriate security measures. Tech+ offers a customized solution at a fixed rate to maintain, optimize, and secure your systems from start to finish.

Managed Security
Document Imaging

Increase Workplace Efficiency 

Document Imaging Solutions are at the core of your operation’s workflow and play a critical part in workforce collaboration, data processing, and project management. Tech+ offers document imaging solutions (machine & lease) designed to proactively maximize productivity and efficiency while decreasing workload.

Streamline Business Communications 

Your communication services are critical to the health and growth of your business. Tech+ hosted Unified Communications (UCaaS) offer a complete cloud communication platform uniquely designed to grow with your business and to maximize the power and flexibility of voice technology while maintaining cost efficiency.

Managed Communications
Remote Monitoring

Solve Problems Proactively

Tech+ Remote Monitoring is a holistic IT approach focused on ongoing support, planning, and optimization. This service forms the foundation for your business’ success while also increasing revenue and minimizing costs through optimizing your technological operations.

Expand Your Team With IT Experts 

Tech+ offers Connected Care through a nationally-recognized team of engineers to provide a consistent, proactive, reliable solution for your devices’ day-to-day operations with decreased time and costs around adding workstations, reconnecting relocated equipment, and network or machine troubleshooting. With Tech+, our highly-trained team remotes in to solve every device issue, alleviating your IT team of the need to troubleshoot complex machine technology errors and leading to zero downtime and optimized workplace productivity.

Connected Care

Results-Driven Solutions

Lower the Operating Costs of Your Business

Lower the Operating Costs of Your Business

Decrease Equipment Downtime

Decrease Equipment Downtime

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Boost your Company's Competitive Advantage

Boost your Company's Competitive Advantage

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Tech+ is the product of a critical and ongoing analysis of industry needs, specifically with regard to cost certainty, the cultivation of a proactive vs. reactive work environment, the value of automated workflows, and the need for innovation in order to create powerful digital transformation.

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Why Cost Certainty is Critical to Your Business’ Success

Managing yearly cash flow by budgeting for unexpected costs and the ever-changing economic cycle is difficult, but you can lighten the load by incorporating and understanding cost certainty. Yearly budgeting can be tough to handle, but it can be made easier by adopting this into your business model.

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Is Your Company Proactive or Reactive?... and Why it Matters

In this complex interconnected global economy, being reactive only hinders your company’s progress. It has been seen time and time again that a reactive approach only stunts growth, limits innovation, disempowers employees, and leads to higher costs for your company in the long-term. As a business owner you must notice the signs of a reactive work environment and know the benefits of adopting a proactive system.

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How the Shift of Consumerization Affects your Business Technology

The current generation entering the workforce grew up with the internet and increasing amounts of consumer technology. Their reliance on consumer technology shouldn’t be seen as a detriment but as a great opportunity for your technology to evolve with the times. Reconstruct the idea that consumer technology is just for play and instead see it as a driving force for improving workplace efficiency.

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How Technology and Employees Work Together in One Office Ecosystem

Digitalization of the workplace prioritizes user-friendly software that provides more flexibility and convenience to employees. Virtual teams scattered around the globe can collaborate on projects in real time as digitalization begins to erase the borders between home and work.

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Tech+ offers a fixed-rate solution

customized to meet your unique technology needs.