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Outside The Office heads to Los Angeles with a "Deep Dive Into the Dark Web"

calendar icon Sep 13, 2019 10:34:41 AM | by Christopher Chavez

Office1’s "Outside the Office" series is a unique networking and presentation experience bringing together top industry thought leaders with business professionals in a relaxed environment with dining, drinks and conversation. On October 10th "Outside the Office" visits the Marconi Automotive Museum in Tustin to take a deep dive into the dark web. 

When most of us think of the internet, we imagine day-to-day activities like watching Netflix, scrolling through Facebook or booking a vacation online. The Deep Web refers to any website that cannot be readily accessed through any conventional search engine such as Google or Yahoo and in the deep web lies a shadowy corner of the internet where terrorists, criminals, and whistleblowers lurk.

LA County Deputy Chief Information Security Officer Jeffrey Aguilar and Office1 Security Expert Gideon Ford will delve into the threats lurking on the Dark Web, how these threats can impact day to day operations and the steps to take to protect your business’ valuable data and resources. In addition we are providing all attendees a complimentary dark web scan so they can take immediate action to protect their businesses.


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Featured Speakers

As Deputy CISO, Jeffrey is responsible for working with the County of L.A. CISO on all aspects of information security, including strategy development, program maturity, adherence to federal information security policy and working with the various departments on Security initiatives and alignment to business. Jeffrey leads enterprise wide risk management efforts as a subject matter expert for all County departments.


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Gideon has worked in IT for nearly a decade and specializes in Information Systems Security, Networking, SMB and Mobile Technologies, and providing remote support for those users. He has also worked with and supported a Department of Defense Aviation Contractor providing Network and Security support. In addition to his degree specialty, he has trained in the areas of A+, Network+, and Security+.


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A complimentary Dark Web Scan 

All those who attend will receive our complimentary scan which will give you the information necessary to protect your data:

  • We analyze a database of information from Dark Web auctions dating back 36 months from now to find possible data leaks that have occurred.
  • In seconds, we will let you know if any sensitive information is found on the dark web so you can secure your accounts accordingly.
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Marconi Automotive Museum 

A collection of high performance street cars and race cars including (but not limited to) Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, and American muscle cars. The open wheel car collection features cars driven by Founder Dick Marconi, his son John, and wife Bo. Additionally, there are many famous cars driven by famous drivers. A collection you won’t want to miss!


Food, booze, and more

We will also be providing a delicious taco bar, cold adult beverages, a chance to win exciting raffle prizes and the opportunity to explore automotive history after the event.


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