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Office1 Finalizes Partnership with Chaparral Business Machines, Building Upon a Legacy of Expert Customer Service & Quality Document Imaging Solutions with the Mission of Digital Transformation

Dec 5, 2019 9:11:00 AM | by Bailey Rogers

Office1 has announced today they have finalized a landmark partnership with Chaparral Business Machines, Inc. 


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Office1 Returns to Bakersfield Roots Through Turk’s Kern Copy Partnership

Nov 15, 2019 11:00:00 AM | by Bailey Rogers

Office1 is pleased to announce their partnership with Turk's Kern Copy!

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Office1 Partners with Nevada Office Machines to Expand into Northern Nevada Market

Nov 15, 2019 9:30:00 AM | by Bailey Rogers

Office1 is pleased to announce their partnership with Nevada Office Machines!

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Office1 Partners with Chaparral Business Machines, Inc to Expand Territory in California

Oct 29, 2019 3:50:51 PM | by Bailey Rogers

Office1 is pleased to announce their partnership with Chaparral Business Machines, Inc!

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Office1 Marketing Manager featured in MyVegas Magazine's Top 100 Men of Success

Aug 9, 2019 3:14:40 PM | by Bailey Rogers

Office1 would like to congratulate Marketing Manager, Christopher Chavez, on being selected as one of MyVegas Magazine's 2019 Top 100 Men of Success!

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Five Times Over- Office1 Receives the Circle of Excellence Award 2019

Oct 31, 2018 8:45:45 AM | by Bailey Rogers

For the fifth consecutive year, our team here at Office1 is honored to receive the Ricoh Circle of Excellence award for 2019! Year after year, this award has directly represented our efforts to constantly go above and beyond to provide a customer experience that is next to none, and this year is no different. 

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Office1 Joins the Ricoh Circle of Eco Excellence 

Mar 23, 2018 4:11:13 PM | by Bailey Rogers

Office1 is now part of the RFG Eco Excellence Membership team at Ricoh. Ricoh has recognized Office1 for its commitment to eco-excellence with our customers as well as how we manage our own business and work with like-minded vendors and partners. We are especially proud to have been recognized for our excellent track record and long-standing commitment to provide customers with education, awareness and guidance on how to achieve an environmentally sustainable office. 

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Inside The Office With Marcos

Jan 26, 2018 3:33:59 PM | by Bailey Rogers

At Office1 we believe that the foundation of our success is rooted within our amazing team. We created this series to help you get to know the people who keep innovating in order  to push Office1 to new heights.

In this edition - get to know Marcos, who is a senior professional service engineer who’s been with Office1 since February 2016! Learn about what technologies he is most excited for in the future, his hidden talent, and other fun facts below.

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Ricoh Circle of Excellence Award

Oct 17, 2017 9:54:56 AM | by Bailey Rogers

Office1 is proud to announce that we have received the Ricoh Circle of Excellence award for 2018! This is the fourth consecutive year that our office has qualified for this award, and we are eager to continue to exceed the high expectations of our clients.

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Office1 Acquires Ricoh's Southern California Commercial Accounts

Jul 5, 2017 11:52:57 AM | by Bailey Rogers

Well, the cat is out of the bag: Ricoh Americas Corporation has chosen Office1 to represent all of Ricoh's commercial accounts located in Southern California. In broad strokes, Office1 will assume responsibility for service and operation, as well as technology consultancy, of all Ricoh commercial accounts in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Riverside. With the nitty gritty details out of the way, we felt we should elaborate on what this means for the industry.

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