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Office1 Partners with Chaparral Business Machines, Inc to Expand Territory in California

calendar icon Oct 29, 2019 3:50:51 PM | by Bailey Rogers

Office1 is pleased to announce their partnership with Chaparral Business Machines, Inc!

Chaparral Business Machines Inc Office1

Office1, based out of Las Vegas, announced today they have partnered with Chaparral Business Machines, Inc (Chaparral), which provides print management services in Central California, to expand their offerings in the state of California, allowing them to better serve new and current customers.

Office1 has positioned itself as a premier provider of office technology and solutions across California and Nevada, offering an innovative, personalized approach to digital transformation through all-inclusive solutions spanning managed services, cloud services, and document imaging. With this partnership, Chaparral can now offer these additional resources to its customers.

“We chose to partner with Chaparral Business Machines because their document imaging expertise and commitment to provide a customer-first approach to business solutions mirrors what we strive to provide to our customers,” said Todd Rogers, President of Office1. “We love the trust and loyalty the company has built locally over the years and seek to expand on that by introducing new solutions to their customers, in addition to the services they already receive.”

“We’re very excited about the new technology that Office1 can provide for our customers,” said Ralph Reese, CBM’s Market Manager. “Our top priority is providing our customers with the best customer service available and the opportunity to grow their businesses by improving their office technology ecosystems, and we can do that with Office1.”

Office1 strives to innovate how offices function by providing unparalleled, personalized business technology solutions, and this partnership with Chaparral will allow them to do so with new companies while continuing to provide top-notch technology solutions in existing California and Nevada markets.

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