Q › What is MGC Utility Design?

A: We are an electric utility design company based out of San Francisco, CA who specialize in electrical distribution with electrical utilities including PG&E, Southern CA Edison, SDG&E, Nevada Energy and more.


Q › What was your office like before Office1?

A: We didn’t have a dedicated IT team or the experience/background to handle any of the IT issues our office was constantly facing. We lost valuable time dealing with IT issues, which put a strain on our workload and employee productivity.


Q › What was the tipping point for you?

A: When our lack of a dedicated IT team eventually started affecting customer due dates, it was clear that we needed a long-term solution so we could focus on our business development. As we started considering different office solutions, we spoke with an Office1 sales team member about leasing a Ricoh Multifunction Printer and were introduced to the plethora of IT solutions Office1 also has available.


Q › How did Office1 help?

A: We already had Office 365 licenses and laptops, but some of the proprietary software we worked with required Windows 2007. After speaking with the Office1 IT sales team about our issues, Office1 was able to update our systems so we could run all the programs we needed, as well as integrate Office 365 and SharePoint throughout our entire organization. Office1 didn’t stop there. They gave us a tutorial on the new system to get our whole team acquainted with the updates to make the transition as smooth as possible.


“Working with Office1 was a great experience, when we do get into an office, we will be using Office1 to help set up our network and look at the different options for that office. This was something that we definitely needed and Office1 fell into our lap.”


Q › What have you seen as a result from working with Office1?

A: The countless hours we’ve saved! We no longer have to spend hours dealing with IT issues that plagued us in the past. Since the Office1 intervention, everything has been smooth sailing.





Electrical Utility Contractor currently operating in the bay area.

Industry: Public Utility

Company Size: 10+

Location: San Francisco, CA

Solutions: Office365, SharePoint, Windows OS



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