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   Streamlining Efficiency: Office1's Tailored
Apple Solution at a California Winery

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About Our Customer:

Nestled in the heart of California’s picturesque wine country, this winery has dedicated themselves to the art of organic winemaking and environmental preservation. For over 20 years, they have unwaveringly pursued energy efficiency, water and forest conservation, and the cultivation of diverse grape varietals to craft exceptional wines. It is no surprise that their presence has flourished across 3 distinct locations. However, with growth comes growing pains which included problems with their Apple device management. Follow along as we delve into the intricacies of these challenges and, most importantly, explore the effective solutions that addressed them.

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“Office1 has been a fantastic IT resource.”

Header Icon The Pain Points

  • Inconsistency amongst devices
  • Lack of comprehensive Apple support
  • Decentralized hardware inventory
  • Overspend on Microsoft licensing
  • Lack of transparency with IT management team
  • Long wait times on open IT tickets
  • Inability to manage device fleet after hours
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Innovative Solutions

Office1 managed the winery’s copier fleet for years and during that time, they relied on a local IT company to maintain other technology operations.  However, as the winery's operations expanded, so did the challenges. They began encountering persistent IT issues, particularly with the functionality of their Apple devices. Service disruptions became a common frustration, with ticket response times stretching up to two days, and even then, resolutions were rare. Slow support meant precious hours were diverted from productive tasks as employees grappled with device malfunctions. With plans to integrate more Apple products to support their growing operations, the winery recognized the urgency to address their inadequate IT infrastructure.

Header Icon Key Initiatives

  • Optimized and uniform imaging and document workflows 
  • Supplies management 
  • Proactive maintenance and monitoring of patches, software, and hardware issues from Office1’s remote help desk to ensure uptime 
  • Hassle-free, immutable, and off-site data backups 
  • Centralized management for Apple fleet
  • Ability for customer to manage fleet after hours 
  • Concierge-level service, with Office1 driving the project from start to finish 
  • Responsive customer service available to the entire team 
Group 1952

“{The winery} is a business with a lot of moving parts and multiple locations. The Office1 team has been able to provide support for our network and all the business devices – Mac, PC, and printers.”

Group 1952

“The techs have been great with response times and streamlining our network and management systems to ensure the business is safe and secure. We enjoy working with the Office1 team - they have been very helpful as we expand operations.”

Affordable, Robust IT Services

Following an IT Health Check, Office1 identified opportunities to improve network security, maximize operational efficiency, reduce Microsoft licensing spend, and enhance ticket response time. Notably, Office1 streamlined management of the winery’s Apple device fleet and facilitated access for them to manage the fleet outside of office hours. Office1 also continues to maintain management of printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines while bolstering network security against potential breaches or cyber-attack.


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Shorter wait times on IT tickets

Access and management of the fleet outside of office hours 

Increased productivity from getting back valuable hours 

Limited downtime

Efficient wireless and connectivity amongst their devices 

Improved cybersecurity and network protection 

Consolidated centralized management of Apple products 

As the winery continues its journey of success and expansion, Office1 remains steadfast in supporting and ensuring smooth business operations every step of the way. Whether at their estate in California or at tasting rooms across state lines, the winery can rely on Office1's dedicated assistance. By shouldering the burden of IT management, Office1 enables the winery to focus wholeheartedly on their core mission: crafting exceptional wines and extending their reach to share their passion with a broader audience.

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