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 Modernizing Equipment: Office1's Overhaul of Business Methods for an International Nonprofit

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About Our Customer:

For approximately three decades, this San Diego based nonprofit has served the international community. Through tireless dedication, they are driving progress in education, healthcare, and environmental sustainability. Establishing enduring relationships with donors is crucial for sustaining their charitable endeavors. Hence, ensuring a robust business foundation is of the utmost importance, enabling them to concentrate on their mission without concerns about network connectivity or computer reliability.

About Our Customer

“In today’s modern world and workforce, our everyday lives both professionally and personally depend on so much technology. Therefore, it is crucial that our technology runs as smoothly as possible to ensure our team can work equally smoothly and efficiently at the office and remotely.”

Header Icon The Pain Points

  • Unorganized IT operations
  • Outdated managed service
  • Ill equipped cybersecurity
  • Old, unorganized, and inconsistent hardware
  • Inability to get IT problems fixed in a timely manner
  • Difficulties connecting with out of country employees
  • Overspend on attempting to fix old hardware
  • Extensive downtime
The Pain Points

Innovative Solutions

Office1 managed the nonprofit’s copier fleet in San Diego for years. During this time, the nonprofit faced issues with outdated, sluggish, donated computers, causing operational delays. Despite utilizing a discounted IT service for non-profits, modern solutions weren't provided. The systems the online IT service was providing were outdated and unable to function as intended. These antiquated systems forced the nonprofit to invest more resources into something that was hindering their work and not meeting operational standards.

Header Icon Key Initiatives

  • Update to entire IT stack including wireless access, firewalls, and switches 
  • Proactive maintenance and monitoring of patches, software, and hardware issues from Office1’s remote help desk to ensure uptime
  • Hassle-free, immutable, and off-site data backups
  • A cohesive and constant cybersecurity strategy
  • IT consultation
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for video calls
  • Supplies management
  • Concierge-level service, with Office1 driving the project from start to finish
  • Responsive customer service available to the entire team

“We are extremely grateful for the hard work, dedication, and attention we have received from the Office1 team and are happy to recommend them to any organization. They will truly give you peace of mind when it comes to your technology and that allows for your day-to-day operations to ultimately run better.”


“Office1’s technical support and leadership team have always quickly and diligently responded to our tech concerns, malfunctions, and requests.”

Affordable, Robust IT Services

Office1 equipped the nonprofit with new computers designed to operate on the latest systems and ensure the rigors of daily use. This upgrade proved highly successful, prompting them to bring Office1 on board as their full-time managed service provider. 

Office1 diligently assessed the nonprofit’s IT situation and implemented necessary updates to the IT infrastructure including a robust cybersecurity strategy. Moreover, the integration of a better equipped video calling system significantly enhanced connectivity for employees situated in Central and South America and streamlined workflow for the team. Office1 also continues to maintain management of printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines while bolstering network security against potential breaches or cyber-attacks.


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Optimized and uniform imaging and document workflows

Synchronicity of service amongst all locations

Fast, reliable connectivity for remote employees

Centralized management

Improved cybersecurity and network protection

Increased productivity from getting back valuable hours

Limited downtime

By supplying new, updated devices and hardware, and conducting proactive IT maintenance to ensure a secure and reliable network, this nonprofit organization was finally able to shed the burden of these arduous tasks and redirect their focus towards the positive impact they make. While the nonprofit continues to do good, Office1 remains dedicated to proactive network monitoring and delivering top-tier service, guaranteeing smooth IT operations and dynamic cybersecurity measures.

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