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 Standardizing Business: Office1's Optimized Managed IT Solution for a Growing California Cannabis Company

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About Our Customer:

This California based cannabis dispensary chain opened their first location in 2006 in North Hollywood as part of the first wave of legal cannabis in California. They have rapidly grown across southern California with 4 storefronts along with the newest shop opening in Redwood City. As a company committed to championing safe and legal access to cannabis, it's evident that their prominence will continue to grow.

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“We can proudly and confidently say we would highly recommend Office1’s services to anyone with technical support needs, but especially so in the cannabis industry.”

Header Icon The Pain Points

  • Unorganized IT operations
  • No IT service team
  • Inconsistency amongst devices
  • No formal cybersecurity strategy
  • Inability to get IT problems fixed in a timely manner
  • Employees spending valuable hours attempting to fix IT problems
  • Overspend on break/fix Extensive downtime
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Innovative Solutions

The cannabis company originally engaged Office1 for a copier solution but faced inconsistent IT management with contract IT personnel as they expanded. Their routine involved establishing new locations and hiring individual local IT contractors for network and device setup. However, since each location used a different IT contractor who wasn't affiliated with the same company, after setup, communication ceased. Consequently, the company faced recurrent issues such as network disruptions and password management challenges. They resorted to seeking help from family members and acquaintances with IT skills along with employees attempting to solve issues themselves. Recognizing the inefficiency and unsustainability of this process, they sought a cohesive IT strategy.

Header Icon Key Initiatives

  • Proactive maintenance and monitoring of patches, software, and hardware issues from Office1’s remote help desk to ensure uptime
  • Updated infrastructure including wireless access, firewalls, and switches  
  • Hassle-free, immutable, and off-site data backups
  • A cohesive and constant cybersecurity strategy
  • Onboarding for new employees
  • Optimized and uniform imaging and document workflows New copiers for each store
  • Supplies management
  • Concierge-level service, with Office1 driving the project from start to finish
  • Responsive customer service available to the entire team
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“Every interaction with Office1 from Account Managers to AR Specialists has been filled with laughs, kindness, and a helping hand. Office1 truly goes out of their way to make their clients feel important.”

Group 1952

“{Office1 has} even gone out of their way to ensure we have the most competitive pricing for our business’ needs. As a result, we have saved thousands of dollars on technical support and hardware.”

Affordable, Robust IT Services

The dispensaries initially opted for Office1's block-time investment, which efficiently tackled various challenges via access to skilled IT specialists. However, after four years, the expenses of the break/fix model prompted them to shift to a fully managed solution. Office1 promptly assessed the company’s IT landscape and executed updates, ensuring uniform networking hardware across all stores for comprehensive support and monitoring. This transition involved upgrading infrastructure with proactive maintenance, departing from the previous reactive approach.

In addition, Office1 began supporting their vendor management, (Office1 calls a vendor on the customer’s behalf to solve other issues – ex. phone providers) POS, printers, and phones while also performing onboarding and off-boarding services for employees.


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Synchronicity of service amongst all locations

Optimized and uniform imaging and document workflows

Reduced spend on equipment and service

Increased productivity from getting back valuable hours

Limited downtime

Improved cybersecurity and network protection

Consolidated centralized management of all devices

By utilizing Office1's team of tech experts, the cannabis company reclaimed valuable time, cut overall IT service expenses, and established a consistent system across all locations. As the company continues to thrive, Office1 remains committed to proactive network monitoring and top-notch service, ensuring seamless IT and cybersecurity.

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