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Office1 Earns 2nd Consecutive Ricoh Eco Excellence Program Membership

calendar icon Dec 7, 2018 11:48:04 AM | by Christopher Chavez

Office1 is happy to announce that it has been recognized as a Ricoh Eco Excellence Member for the second consecutive year. Ricoh’s Eco Excellence Membership recognizes Office1’s commitment to practicing environmental sustainability.

Richoh's Eco Excellence Membership

Membership is awarded only to dealers that meet key criteria — including a proven track record of environmental sustainability and the ability to provide customers with education, awareness, program guidance and support.

Driving Sustainability for Our Future

Ricoh, a strong supporter of ENERGY STAR®, strives for practical energy performance while maintaining ease of use. As a charter member of the EPEAT® (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) program — an environmental procurement standard for imaging equipment, Ricoh is helping customers identify greener products based on energy efficiency, materials selection, indoor air quality and take-back programs.

We Walk the Walk

Office1’s continued recognition as an Eco Excellence member shows its commitment to sharing sustainability efforts with Ricoh. With technology always evolving, comes new opportunity to pursue new eco-friendly solutions and help our customers implement the same sustainability standards. Office1 is proud to be part of the Ricoh Eco-Excellence team and remain committed to the motto, “Think & Act Sustainable” by:

Ricoh Eco Excellence "Think & Act Sustainable"

  • Achieving and maintaining a 100% recycle rate on all equipment.
  • Optimizing technology ecosystems to minimize carbon foot prints, maximize productivity, and bolster your company’s bottom line.
  • Internal training initiatives.
  • Innovative materials educating on workplace sustainability.
  • Eco friendly equipment.
  • Toner and supply recycling programs.

Office1 CEO Todd Rogers says Office1 is committed to help you reach eco-excellence.


Ricoh's Eco Excellence Program


With Office1, set a new standard through technology and make sustainability the norm. Office1 has the people, the processes and technologies to optimize your operations and increase your bottom line all while going green.

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