We're pleased to announce that we have partnered with Chaparral Business Machines, Inc!

Chaparral provides print management services to customers in Central California. This allows us to expand our offerings in the state of California to better serve our new and current customers. 

We pride ourselves on being a premier provider of office technology and solutions across California and Nevada. We offer an innovative and personalized approach to digital transformation, with all-inclusive solutions including managed services, cloud services, copiers and printers. We are proud to offer Chaparral’s customers these additional resources with this partnership!

We chose to partner with Chaparral Business Machines because of their document imaging expertise and commitment to provide a customer-first approach to business solutions mirrors what we strive to provide to our customers, said Todd Rogers, the President of Office1.

We love the trust and loyalty the company has built locally over the years and seek to expand on that by introducing new solutions to their customers, in addition to the services they already receive.

We innovate how your workplace functions by providing unparalleled, personalized business technology solutions. This partnership with Chaparral allows us to provide these services to new companies while continuing to provide top-notch technology solutions in our existing California and Nevada markets.



Do you have questions? We have answers.

Why is this partnership taking place?

Chaparral Business Machines seeks to offer their customers increased value with modern business solutions, and they can do so by partnering with an industry leader like Office1.

This partnership benefits Office1 by rounding out the areas in California that Office1 serves, leading to better service for both new and current customers.


What will happen to my current contract with Chaparral Business Machines?

All contracts, terms and conditions will stay the same. Your billing and remit to will also stay the same. 


Who do I call if I need service or parts?

You can call the same service number you do now. 


What changes can I expect?

Your customer service number, invoices, billing, and remit to will stay the same. 

Through this partnership, you’ll also have access to Office1’s full business solutions offerings, in addition to those you already receive from Chaparral. 


When will the partnership begin?

This partnership begins officially September 23rd, but will slowly roll out over 60 days, with the transition completed by the end of November. 


If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us! 

CALL US: (844) 343-0722

EMAIL: support@office1.com

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Our relationship starts with an in-depth discovery process of your business to get a thorough understanding of your needs. This leads to a clear solution unique to your specific company. Throughout our relationship, we'll keep this same mentality- proactively scaling with you to take your operations to the next level. We work with your company to identify inefficient workflows and create ongoing solutions that make sense and are scalable to your business. 

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