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Office1 hires new San Diego Market Manager

Jan 25, 2019 12:58:40 PM | by Chris Chavez

Office1 welcomes Tim Cresto as San Diego Market Manager. With more than 34 years working in Office Technology, Cresto joined Office1 in late November after 10 years at Konica Minolta. Cresto says he is excited to bring together an experienced team that will maximize the resources and benefits that come with being part of a growing company like Office1.



Cresto reports to Vice President of Sales Danny Benbenek. and plans to grow the San Diego customer base by targeting bigger accounts, He says research, strategy and customer engagement will be critical to maintaining long-term customers and driving growth in the San Diego market.

“I believe in using positive reinforcement. We need to always be thinking customer first and showing that we care. That is how you keep customers for the long-term, instead of just a one-time sale.”

During his free time, Tim enjoys paddle boarding, yoga, golf, tennis and long walks, runs and riding his beach cruiser on beach.

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