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Office1 expanding its reach into the San Fernando Valley

May 24, 2019 3:12:42 PM | by Chris Chavez

Office1 is expanding its reach further into Southern California with a dedicated team in the San Fernando Valley to develop and expand its coverage of the Los Angeles market.

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Just months after opening its new headquarters in Downtown Las Vegas and weeks after its San Diego branch moved into their new home, Office1 introduced William Kilmartin, former Vice President of Sales and Customer Service for Print Manager, as the Branch Manager for the San Fernando Valley.

With a 23-year track record of compounded growth of 19.5%, Office1 Vice President of Sales, Danny Benbenek says the expansion into the San Fernando Valley will leverage that success and pave the way for the company’s continued growth in Southern California, “We felt that adding the San Fernando Valley location not only allows our sales team to better support our current customers in the area, but will also increase our exposure to prospective clients in the market. Having the ability to increase our manpower in Los Angeles is critical for our continued growth in the Southern California market.”

Office1 had previously been supporting the market from its Downtown Los Angeles office. The expansion with the new office based in Sherman Oaks involves the creation of at least ten new jobs and will allow the dedicated San Fernando team to support the needs of customers and bring innovative technology to new businesses aiding in their digital transformation with the catalog of Office1 Tech+ services.

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