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Inside the Office: Celebrating 20 years with Peggy!

calendar icon Jul 26, 2019 2:49:53 PM | by Christopher Chavez

Office1 would like to recognize CSC Manager and 2018 Employee of the Year Peggy Barnhart who is celebrating her 20th anniversary at Office1 this month.


Peggy plays a pivotal, lead role in our incredible client services department and she always has a hand in making sure our customer's experience with Office1 is second to none. We had a chance to sit down with her and ask her thoughts on this incredible milestone.

How does it feel to have reached your 20 year anniversary at Office1?

Amazing! When I first started, we were a very small company. Now, we have grown to where we are at today and I know we are going to continue to grow.. When I first started, I knew nothing about the industry. I have learned so much and to continue to get the opportunity to learn and grow. It has been an awesome experience and I love coming to work every day.

What is the biggest difference from when you started to what Office1 is today?

The growth and learning different things. Not just in the customer service department but in all aspects and departments of the company. I have loved getting to know the different people here and their different personalities. Everything about my time with Office1 has been great.

20 years is a very long time. What is it about Office1 that has kept you here for so long?

It's actually a couple things. Todd is number one. I think Todd is a fantastic person and I like the way he runs the company. I love all of the other employees. I love the fact that I get to help customers every day. They might be having a bad day with their equipment or supplies. The fact that they can reach out and we can take their problem and fix it. It's very rewarding and I just love helping people.

Do you have any words of advice for somebody just starting out at Office1?

I would say to be confident. If you aren't sure of something, always be sure to ask questions. Everybody is here to help you out. Don't be nervous and learn to build confidence and trust in your co-workers in every department. Most importantly, be yourself.




Peggy, congratulations on reaching this incredible 20 year milestone with Office1 and thank you for the incredible leadership and character that you bring into work each and everyday. We are so thankful to have you and we could not imagine our workplace without you!

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