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Office1 welcomes new Bay Area Market Manager

Jan 18, 2019 1:43:57 PM | by Christopher Chavez

Office1 is happy to welcome Brad Cotton as the new Market Manager for the California Bay Area.


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With 25 years of experience providing technology solutions, Cotton quickly rose through the ranks earning his first promotion into management at OMI after just 8 months in the industry. He has found success at all levels, playing pivotal roles in building highly productive teams and innovative programs. After holding management roles at Ikon Office Solutions, Cotton started Pinnacle Document Systems in 1996. Beginning with 7 employees, Pinnacle grew to four bay area offices with 285 employees by 2004. The company was sold to Sharp Electronics in 2008. Cotton moved on to KBA Document Systems where he was tasked with building their printer management program.

In his new role, Cotton is setting his sights on building a Bay Area team that he plans to work with very closely. “It’s the right time to move into the bay area. My goal is to have at least 10 quality sales reps in 8-9 months. Whether it’s cold calling or closing a deal, I want to be in the field with my team as much as possible for the good days and the bad days.”

Cotton will be reporting to Vice President of Sales John Hughes and says company culture was the driving force behind his decision to join Office1. “All the people that I have met have been so nice, like I’ve known them for years. Everybody’s attitude is positive, and I can just feel the strong culture with everybody that I talk to. Todd (Rogers, Office1 CEO) made me feel right at home. It was like talking to my brother about business.”

During his free time, Brad loves trout fishing, hunting elk and deer and traveling with his wife Beth to the Rockies, Colorado, Idaho, and Montana. Right now, he's staying busy training his 12-week-old lab puppy Harley Rose to hunt birds.



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