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Office1 Marketing Manager featured in MyVegas Magazine's Top 100 Men of Success

Aug 9, 2019 3:14:40 PM | by Bailey Rogers

Office1 would like to congratulate Marketing Manager, Christopher Chavez, on being selected as one of MyVegas Magazine's 2019 Top 100 Men of Success!

MyVegas Magazine polled over 100,000 readers to find their "Top 100 Men of Success." With hundreds of nominations, the Top 100 Men were selected for their extraordinary service, commitment, charitable contribution and big hearts.


Chris Chavez featured in MyVegas Magazine's top 100 men of success


Chris was nominated and selected for the Top 100 Men of Success because of his back story, involvement in the community with the Vegas Young Professionals and other charitable organizations, as well as his career rise leading him to Las Vegas. Chris started at the bottom of the ladder in TV news in Bakersfield before a promotion to News3 in Las Vegas as a news producer. In November, he was given the opportunity to join Office1 as the Marketing Manager. His fitness journey also played a key role in his selection. Since finding obstacle course racing, in January 2014, Chris lost 90 pounds and completely turned his life around for the better - taking back control of his type-1 diabetes.

These men make a difference in Las Vegas and positively impact the local community from various industries ranging from gaming, politics, finance, entertainment, education, and OFFICE TECHNOLOGY!

We are honored to have one of our very own on the list. Congratulations Chris and we look forward to seeing you continue to shine inside and outside of Office1!

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