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Top 5 Reasons to Deploy DaaS in Your Organization

January 5, 2018 | by Curtis Buhrkuhl

DaaS, or desktop as a service, is a relatively new technology that has been revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their networks and manage their data. What the technology seeks to do is separate your desktop environment from your computers and other devices, hosting them remotely so they can be accessed no matter where you might be. However, that's not the only reason you should be using DaaS, as it has a number of other advantages over conventional desktop environments:

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1. Financial Advantages

Normal desktop systems have been the same for decades, and have largely been hosted within the machines themselves, with some connected via on-site networks. Some organizations can even take this a step further and house on-site servers and manage entire networks. However, creating and maintaining a system like this is expensive, requiring you to buy hardware and hire highly skilled personnel who can demand very high salaries. Small and medium sized businesses usually can't keep up with the capital required for this kind of network, but by using DaaS you can emulate the efficiency of these systems without any of the financial obligation or risks.

 2. Faster Deployment 

Networking systems can be expensive; however, they also cost time as well as money. Deploying a new system and admitting it to the network takes time, and if your business grows outside of the boundaries of your network setup, you'll need to expand your networking capabilities once again. The cycle of adding systems and upgrading becomes time consuming, and requires you to make more hires and spend more time than an expansion normally would. DaaS bypasses this problem, and new systems can be set up remotely, without any work from your staff or time investment from you.

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 3. Support for Pervasive Mobility

Let's say you've set up a sustainable, well-run on-site network with server housing and in-office management. While this is more than what can be said for most businesses, it can often end up still not being enough. If you move office, have remote workers or need access to work while traveling, these on-site systems are generally impossible to move, and usually aren't built to be accessed remotely. However, DaaS systems are remote and mobile by their very nature, and office renovations, moves or remote work are as simple as remotely loading the data onto your new devices.

 4. Enhanced Security 

Closed on-site networks are generally quite secure if managed well. However, they usually aren't, and most businesses in the world have some degree of vulnerability when it comes to cybersecurity. DaaS eliminates this problem, and the right provider will manage the network for you, eliminating the need to hire systems architects and data scientists to manage the systems and ensure your security.

 5. IT Advantages

Your IT workers are responsible for all the tech in your business, and the sheer amount of work it takes to manage servers and on-site networks is mind-boggling. It's very easy for an IT department to become overworked and not be able to keep up with the needs of an office or network; and that's when things stop working and you're forced to either upscale the department or risk severe consequences like data loss, network shutdown or security breaches. DaaS providers manage your network for you, taking the burden off your IT staff without requiring you to upscale.


All in all, DaaS is an excellent solution for any business looking to upscale its network without any of the cost, risks or other burdens that come along with network expansion. You get all of the security and efficiency benefits that go along with a private network with none of the risks. .


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