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Office1 Receives the 2021 Ricoh Circle of Excellence Award

February 19, 2021 | by Bailey Rogers

We're pleased to announce that Office1 has been recognized as a Ricoh Circle of Excellence Certified Dealership 2021. This is our seventh consecutive year of being honored as a Ricoh RFG Circle of Excellence certified dealership for outstanding service. It is a true honor and we could not be prouder of the achievement.


Office1 Wins 2021 Ricoh Circle of Excellence Award


The Ricoh circle of excellence award recognizes Ricoh dealers who excel by their guidelines. Each recipient is a Ricoh dealership that provides outstanding service and customer support. For our team, this seventh award validates the hard work and consistent effort by our service engineers and service technicians to provide excellent service.


Bill Fetzer on the RFG Circle of Excellence Award

Our Service Manager, Bill Fetzer, talked about the dedication of the service technicians in their pursuit of the RFG Circle of Excellence this calendar year.

“This was my second year of heading up this very important and prestigious certification, but I could never have pulled it off without the entire service management team, and all of the technicians and Helpdesk engineers. We have the most incredible people working at Office1, and the teamwork here is second to none. Circle of Excellence certified seven years running!!!”


Ricoh Circle of Excellence Award Process

The Circle of Excellence has become a goal that we work to obtain each calendar year. The process is rigorous but, more than that, it validates the commitment our IT services team devotes to providing the highest level of service for our clients.

To begin the process, all qualified service technicians and network engineers complete a difficult online exam. This exam is open book. The participants can use materials at their disposal during the examination, which include service manuals, wiring diagrams, and the Ricoh website as provided by Ricoh's guidelines. Our team passed this portion of the process with flying colors.

According to Bill Fitzer, "We had 100% participation and passed this portion of the challenge."

After the initial online exam, our staff was rated based on the number of technicians and service engineers who work on Ricoh equipment and are also certified by Ricoh. Certification is a major factor in obtaining the Ricoh Circle of Excellence award. At Office1, 100% of our technicians and service engineers are Ricoh certified.

The Industry and Network Certifications represented by Office1 staff include the following:

  • A+ (19)
  • Network + (18)
  • Security + (6)
  • PDI + (1)
  • Fiery (5)
  • Microsoft (16)

The next portion of testing for the service organization involves field productivity and efficiency. There are a number of categories included in this phase of the process, but our technicians and engineers passed every challenge, some of them with extraordinarily high marks.

Two of the best scoring categories for Office1 were First Call Efficiency and Call Backs. First Call and Call Backs are essential benchmarks in providing excellent customer service. A lag time in repairs is one of the highest points of customer frustration. We routinely prioritize this aspect of service for just that reason.


RFG Circle of Excellence Customer Feedback

Developing a way to measure customer satisfaction is one of the criteria for the Ricoh COE. At Office1, our customer feedback initiatives have proven absolutely effective in helping us improve customer satisfaction.

Greg Murdoch explained the success of Office1's customer feedback program.

“We partnered with a software company, CEO Juice, and have implemented the NPS tool for measuring customer satisfaction.”

Our commitment to customer understanding goes a few steps further than simply developing initiatives to get customer surveys. We have two feedback loop systems in place. We coach for performance based on the results of the surveys. This way, we can use the insights from current and past customers in a way that helps us improve and develop new services.

The second way we used our feedback program has to do with customer support. When a customer's survey indicates that they need current attention, a Marketplace Manager calls them within 24 hours. This immediate response validates the customer experience and lets them know that Office1 supports them.

We approach our business model as a relationship-focused environment. Every member of the team needs to own their responsibility in fostering that relationship with the customer and each other. The feedback loop we've developed with their customer surveys has been a powerful force to drive customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The survey responses give us a full 360 view of the operations from the customer's perspective. This means that granular and large-scale issues can be pinpointed and addressed immediately.

“As a result we retain customers longer, grow our customer base and generate more business and referrals,” Greg Murdoch said.


RFG Circle of Excellence Award Credit

Bill Fetzer gave all the credit for this highest level achievement to the service management team, Helpdesk engineers, and technicians. Obtaining the COE is a group effort and that can't be overstated.

Mike Titus echoed these sentiments, saying, "I’m very pleased to be awarded Ricoh’s Circle of Excellence award. Ricoh has been a great partner. It’s nice that they recognize all the work we do to keep our partnership strong. This year we focused on training. Having our technicians trained on the products we service is a key factor in receiving the COE award. Our Hardware Helpdesk has also helped in taking our service to the next level. Our customers love it when we can fix their copier remotely. Having the machine fixed within minutes versus several hours is a big plus. We have a great team of managers and technicians that made this all possible. Thank you to everyone!"

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