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Optimizing Your Office Communications with Cloud-Based VoIP

February 14, 2018 | by Mark Johnson

Is your outdated PBX system effective and efficient for your communication needs? Or is it just one more thing giving you grief?

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Your organization relies on efficient communication among all vendors, partners, customers, and employees. Communication is directly tied to efficiency, and every minute you waste cuts into your profitability. But through cloud-based VoIP services, you can identify these inefficient workflows, corral your vendors, and achieve consistent financial performance across your entire organization.



Reduce Your Costs

Many VoIP providers offer lower per-minute fees than landline phone providers. VoIPs are typically volume driven programs, so you’ll only have to worry about paying what you use. Examine your financials and see if switching to a cloud-based system could help reduce your costs. If you’ve been stuck with outdated landlines up until now, you’ll almost certainly save money and receive more consistent usage bills from month to month. 

Eliminate Risk of Downtime

VoIP providers generally host services in multiple locations with redundant servers. Even if one goes down, the others will pick up the slack. Compared with on-premise telephony systems, this extra level of security means one thing: Peace of mind. Cloud-based servers significantly reduce the risk of downtime and guarantee that your communications are stable and consistent.

Centralize Your Systems

If you’re tasked with managing multiple offices, you know that communication can be a nightmare. VoIP services centralize an organization’s communication systems across the entire enterprise and creates a single platform for all messaging. When all offices share the same phone system, it’s much easier to keep track of records, customer call logs, and vendor touchpoints (such as payment history). With this information at your fingertips, you can rest assured that the stressful financial decisions you’re making are backed by justifiable data.

Enjoy Mobile Communications

VoIP services can be accessed from anywhere with a stable internet connection, making them the ideal option for organizations with large number of remote workers or employees who travel from office to office. Consider how many channels your organization has: Email, text messages, phone calls, video conferences, and more. Collecting and managing this data across every platform is time-consuming, and unnecessary, in a VoIP world. VoIP services guarantee efficiency no matter where employees are.

Reduce IT Management

VoIP systems take the telephony infrastructure out of your hands and puts it in the control of a service provider. On the client side, this means you’re freed of the burden of troubleshooting these in-house systems. Should glitches occur, you can simply contact your VoIP service provider and get a solution sorted out rather than spending hours coordinating details with your own technicians.

Outsourcing Gives You Your Life Back

From cutting costs to reducing your assets under management, outsourced phone services will help you get your house in order. Whether you’re tired of having to micromanage issues with your outdated phone system or you’re sick of spending money on services you don’t need, cloud-based VoIP services are the answer to your troubles.


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