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September 25, 2018 | by Gideon Ford

With technology constantly evolving, it is critical that IT systems stay up to date and function as efficiently as possible. With the IT Health Check, Office1 partners with your company as a trusted advisor and provides you with a detailed assessment of your business’s IT system. While other companies might say, “leave it to the experts”, we feel it is important for our customers to know why IT health checks are important and how we perform them.


An IT health check evaluates your business’s inner IT systems and ensures that they are properly set up and well protected. This ensures our client’s systems aren’t subject to unauthorized accesses and security breaches. It also tests the strength of the IT infrastructure to confirm the condition and speed of the system is top notch. As well as shows where improvements and weaknesses are to optimize your office technology. This is the basis we use for our roadmaps to optimization.Office1 analyzes the following in order to ensure your IT meets all the requirements it should to run effectively and securely:

The Number of Computers and Servers in your Network

Leaving computers and servers unchecked can be a costly mistake for businesses in terms of performance, connectivity, and results. It is important to take a look at the age of the server or computer, based on when the operating system was installed. If the server is old or outdated, it could have a negative effect on your IT security and reliability, and your company may not be running as efficiently as possible. It is also important to review the virtualized and physical server type (SQL, Exchanged, Active Directory or Web Server).


After performing a full inspection of all computers and servers, Office1 formulates a detailed Computer Analysis that provides additional information on the servers, workstations, and devices. Computers and servers impact everything from network performance, quality of connection, and service delivery. It is crucial to ensure everything on your network is running at top performance.

Your Operating Systems

Your network operating systems are broken into two groups: those still under support and those near or at the end of life. If an operating support system is deemed as still under support, it means that your system is still functioning effectively and correctly. If a system is near or at the end of life, it infers that the product is obsolete and no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Often times having old operating systems and using workarounds can be a costly and inefficient mistake. It is important that customers have an idea of what equipment and software should be replaced or updated so that they can maintain a high functioning IT system. This will lead to a completely optimized technology network the company can trust in.  

Operating Systems Patching

Patches are codes that can be applied into a code of an existing program and often provide a temporary solution to problems such as security bugs, stability issues, and outdated software. Within the Office1 health check, missing patches will be listed in order to give your company insight on where there are potential software vulnerabilities. It’s found that 80% of breaches come from poor management of patching systems. By identifying missing patches, it’ll help your business in prolonging the lifespan of your current system and provide extremely valuable information concerning where your system is potentially threatened.

Document Imaging

As most companies still heavily rely on their office printers, copiers, and scanners for day-to-day business operations, it is essential that they are functioning at top performance. Verifying your office equipment is functioning properly will pay off in the long run - especially when it comes to printers. It will prevent decreased quality and slower speeds over time.


This is why Office1 will review all shared document imaging infrastructure such as printers, copiers, MFPs and their permissions, ensuring that they are up to speed and functioning properly. Not only do we confirm its functionality, the number of printers detected are listed along with any of their existing problems. To complete the document imaging check, a list of applications on each printer, its version, and how many computers use each application is provided. This report aids you in the long run as it ensures the equipment you’ve invested in is running how it should be, and it can lead to streamlining your equipment as you discover the capabilities of your devices and service.


According to the white paper by SOASTA and O’Reilly, people perceive load times as being 15% slower than they actually are. Therefore, It is important to make sure your network is running as high-speed as possible. The Office1 speedtest displays upload and download speeds, and it allows us to verify that your company is receiving the speeds included in your provider’s SLA. This helps to cut down on the seemingly long download speeds of your network and ensures that you are getting what you pay for.

User Accounts

Our assessment does a full audit of user accounts and examines those that have not been logged in for more than 30 days. Leaving these accounts enabled opens the computer up to possible unauthorized access. Therefore, we provide insight on potential security threats by providing you a report of user account that have gone stale. We also test how effectively your network filters and blocks social media sites and adult content sites. According to Athens Micro, “30 to 40 percent of Internet use at work is not business-related”. It is important to ensure that employees are using office computers for business purposes only. Content filtering strengthens network security by blocking suspicious websites and provides your employees an opportunity to focus on work.



Additionally, Office1 looks at user logins to ensure that they are conforming to a password policy for complexity, or age of passwords for some that haven’t been changed in an extended period of time. This prevents hackers from accessing your systems and eliminates any threats from any unauthorized access into your systems.

We want to ensure that your IT is performing to the best of its ability, and the best way to do this is with an in depth report of your IT system. The Office1 detailed health check assesses the strength, protection, lifespan, and efficiency of your office technology ecosystem to provide you with the piece of mind that everything is running smoothly. We will provide you with and a clear list of systems that are strong, as well as a roadmap to improve weak ones that will cut expenses, optimize operations, and revive your IT. While IT management can seem overwhelming, it is made simpler with an all encompassing report to keep your network running strong.

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Gideon Ford

About Gideon Ford

Gideon Ford is a Professional Services Help Desk Technician for Office1 working to solve all issues related to IT. Gideon has worked with IT for nearly a decade and is familiar with Information Systems Security, Networking, SMB and Mobile Technologies, and providing remote support for those users. He has also worked with and supported a Department of Defense Aviation Contractor providing Network and Security support. Provided Mobile device technical support for a wireless carrier and most recently was part of AppleCare’s Senior Technical support team. Gideon Received his Bachelor of Science in 2012 from Westwood College in Denver in Information Systems Security. In addition to his degree specialty, he has trained in the areas of A+, Network+, and Security+ to name a few.

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