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5 Benefits of Using a Cloud Voice System

March 7, 2018 | by Mark Johnson

Cloud voice services (also known as voice over internet protocol, or VoIP services) might be the single best addition you make for your organization. Once, premise PBX systems had their moment in the sun, but these days, efficient communication and cost efficiency rely on more advanced strategies than these outdated solutions provide. Cloud-based services are the way to go, and here are just a few reasons why.

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  1.  Reduced Costs

VoIPs are newer technologies than PBX systems, and most VoIP providers offer customizable pricing packages to suit your company’s needs. For example, your VoIP service provider may bundle a set amount of long-distance minutes into their monthly subscription fees. This type of package supports predictability in office expenditures from month to month and a more stable balance sheet overall.

Generally, VoIP services are sold as a bundle and are priced based on how many employees will be using them, making them an ideal option for SMBs that need advanced communication solutions without advanced price tags.

  2.  Increased Productivity

VoIP services provide a single platform for all communication channels, giving your employees flexibile and accessible solutions from any location. You gain instant access to your entire communication platform no matter where you are; this streamlines messaging and lets you focus your attention on overall strategy.

  3.  Managed Security

A key benefit to hosted voice services like VoIP is that you can guarantee system security across your entire enterprise. Rather than worrying about securing on-premise phone systems through your own IT teams, all security considerations in VoIP solutions are handled by the provider. If something goes wrong, all you have to do is give them a call.

This means you can spend less time strategizing with your IT department and more time focusing on the top-level decisions that keep your business running.

  4.  Happier Customers

Switching to an integrated VoIP platform means that you have quicker access to customer data and records. This, in turn, supports quicker resolution of issues, fewer touchpoints over the customer’s lifecycle, and a stronger ability to manage emerging issues across the board.

  5.  Future-Proofing Your Office

Technological innovation moves fast, and outdated strategies will only sustain you for so long. When it comes to something as crucial as office communication, you can’t afford to trust in dated and disjointed phone systems. Investing in voice technology now will put your company in good stead for other improvements as they come down the pipe.


The Benefits of Cloud Voice

These are just a few benefits of cloud-based voice systems, but in truth, there are very few drawbacks. Most enterprise-level organizations are already exploring the benefits of VoIP solutions, and as the technology continues to become more affordable, more SMBs will follow suit. Take a look at the existing infrastructure in your organization’s offices and see if a switch to managed services might benefit your team.


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