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4 Advantages of Using a Document Management System

January 12, 2018 | by Adam Cohn

Does your office use a cloud-based Document Management System (DMS)?

If not, you’re subjecting yourself (and your team!) to serious time-wasting inefficiencies. Joint data collected through Gartner, Adobe, and M-Files found that professionals spend up to 50 percent of their time searching for files, accounting for a total productivity loss of 21.3 percent every year for their organizations.




If you’re sick of wasting time looking through disparate systems to find the files you need (or heaven forbid, relying on paper documentation,) you may want to consider upgrading to a more advanced DMS that better suits your needs.

 1. Save Time with a Centralized Repository

Coordinating the needs of your employees, vendors, and executive teams isn’t easy, and you don’t have time to waste switching back and forth between communication channels. Rather than keeping digital documents in silo’d systems, a cloud-based DMS provides a central repository for all files that can be accessed, viewed, and edited by anyone with access. It doesn’t matter where they are or what device they’re on; an online DMS provides clerical efficiency unlike any other system.

 2. Improve Communication with App Integration

Many cloud-based document management platforms integrate easily with third-party applications that your office may already use, such as Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks, or Salesforce. Forget wasting time uploading data to each of your different platforms; your DMS should do it for you. For communication efficiency with other branches, accounting departments, or your own internal sales teams, these integrations are a must-have.

 3. Support Efficient Document Control

Every cloud-based DMS comes with built-in Role Based Account Controls (RBACs) that let managers limit document access to essential personnel. Aside from adding another layer of security for protecting your sensitive files, this type of authentication can save time by streamlining the document access process. By setting specific authentications for each office role, you can customize platform access based on each user’s need—all from a single dashboard.

 4. Protect Your Data without Extensive IT Investments

Data security is important for any office, and a cloud-based DMS makes protecting your files easier than ever. With every document being digitally backed up, you’ll never have to worry about physical damage to important files or essential documents getting deleted from your servers. Every DMS provides traceable methods for uploading, indexing, and archiving all information—all without the need to bog down your office with extensive IT security protocols

Cloud-based systems of document management are fast becoming the norm. If your office is lagging behind in how you handle your files, take a look at your system and see whether a cloud-based DMS can provide the benefits you need. If you’re sick of spending your limited time on outdated communication and frustrating IT deliberations, you may find that the benefits of a quality DMS are well worth the cost.


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